"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


I think there’s a lot more to Emma Stone’s capabilities than you’re giving her credit for. She was worried, early in her career, about getting type cast into the typical love interest role, so she intentionally sought out more challenging parts to play. And it’s paid off, considering how decorated she is.

I’m not too sure how I feel about the concept of a Cruella story with a punk vibe, but I am interested in seeing how Emma plays the role. I think she could make it entertaining at least.


Disney provided an origin story for a witch who put a doomsday clock on a newborn and managed to make her sympathetic. I guess Cruella is the next step up? Why not do Ursula first?

(Maleficent is an excellent movie.)


I don’t think her filmography has much indication of that and her taking challenging roles has not always paid off. I recall watching 2005’s ‘Brick’ and being mildly irritated about the pretentiousness of her attempt at being the character she was cast to play. The best actors and actresses become one with the character they portray.


Yeah, I ain’t fucking with you no more.


I think she is borderline ugly enough to play Cruella.

And I still think she ought to be the baseline for a new “V” reboot.

She CAN act though.


I think both her looks and acting are decent, but the casting is questionable. What do you mean by a new “V” reboot? Do you mean to say that you desire for them to remake 2005’s ‘V for Vendetta’?


I’m saying she looks like a literal reskin of a “V” reptilian alien.


I for one am excited for the new Men in Black.


I like the title…and Liam Neeson is in it too.
It would be nice if Will Smith and/or Tommy Lee Jones did make a cameo.



We get an Aussie and a Brit, and suddenly we’re INTERNATIONAL.


At least they are different continents and not the Americas lol


hollywood sucks


I don’t mind more of that black goodness.


Irish, Aussie, 'Murikan…

All of 'em Whites born of Britain’s unwanteds.

(Not that Britain is wanted by anyone with an ounce of sense, or sense of worth, beyond its being the World’s banking centerpoint.)


Rebecca Ferguson?


I won’t watch the Oscars…but congrats to Hart.


just so you know its a small world.
Rich Evans from RLM and Julia Roberts met before they were famous.


Who does besides women and gay ppl?




Movie industry people, relatives/friends of movie industry people, journalists, fans of nominated individuals, etc.