"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


Twitter claims another victim.




Kim Possible trailer…


kim possible was mad sexy. mad curvy. she is not.

also, kim possible ps2 game was dope af. late stages made the game. if you like platformers.




hahah, Chris Hansen is really shaking in that pic because he was probably jerkin it to Kim and Shego, back in the day.

but yeah in live action, this Kim is lame. Maybe she might be worth looking at several years from now when she has some more meat on those bones…maybe.

It’s a real challenge to keep up with tv lately, due to how awesome youtube has become in recent years… tv can’t really compete with a thing that is free and has a truly endless lineup of “channels”…I have a ridiculous # of subscriptions, and many of them do the live stream/broadcast thing now which can add up to hours of time per day… I missed yet another episode of Midnight Texas last night…AND I missed this week’s Legacies so I have those to get caught up on later.


Never played the PS2 game, but you have peaked my curiosity.


Rats is a terrible terrible movie…until the very end.


Saw Sorry to Bother You, I was not prepared for this movie. It’s much like the 1985 movie Brasil but in a modern setting, it’s not a far out there as Brasil gets but there are some really surreal scenes, some great laugh out loud scenes and plenty to make you cringe.


I have been searching for a movie to watch like ‘Brasil’ for quite some time, so thanks for the recommendation.


ohhhh the memories, man… Flash is on right now with the “Elseworlds” story, part 1… and they just went to Earth 38…where Kara, Clark and Lois are on the farm… that Smallville intro song “Somebody Save Me” played…hell yeah, man.

whoahhhhh and AMAZO is involved in this!


wrong thread man


He’s pulling a @Jion_Wansu and posting shit in the wrong thread. But since it’s @Million-X I forgive him because his posts breathe life into my days.


Yesterday, I watched 2016’s ‘The Nice Guys’ starring Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe in the lead roles. I highly recommend it. It is a relatively modern take on the private investigator crime drama mildly reminiscent of 2005’s ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’. The plot is set in the late 70’s and centers around the murder of a well known adult film star.

A down on his luck private eye by the name of Holland March (played by Gosling) takes on a job from the aunt of the murdered actress to find a doppelganger sighted by her two days after the murder. Following up on a lead of a young woman named “Amelia” puts him in the crosshairs of freelance enforcer Jackson Healy (played by Crowe), who was hired by Amelia to dissuade March from trying to find her. However, things change when Healy is himself targeted by a set of hitmen looking for the same woman which causes him to seek out March to find her. Together they begin their journey into the underbelly of the adult film industry.

P.S. I don’t think the misplaced post is that big a deal, but he might not get the feedback he desires as better suited threads are more likely to be frequented by like-minded individuals.


How about that


What are yall’s favorite Christmas movies? Here are the ones I like best:

Nat’l Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Die Hard
Muppets Christmas Carol
Rudolph/Frosty (usually aired together)


Just because a movie takes place around Christmas doesn’t make it a Christmas movie. A Christmas movie should be about Christmas. Otherwise Jaws The Revenge can be considered a Christmas movie.

I will now stop repeating the word Christmas.


OK… Die Hard is still one of my favorite Christmas movies.


But die hard is a Christmas movie.


It’s the best Christmas movie.