"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


It’s worth it to see McAvoy’s performance.


yup. its quite good. compelling.


Even without the link at the end to Unbreakable, the standalone movie is worth watching. They use interesting arguments towards the whole “supernatural” theme.


Die Hard…Christmas Edition.


lol, this is a great reason to watch Split, M.Night appears to have gotten his shit together. Heck, go back one movie and watch The Visit which is a comedy/horror.


Fucking. Yikes.
Jasmines outfit is cute tho.




oh nooooo… well, looks like we have a NEW trainwreck in the media to keep tabs on. I knew that making it live action would be a problem…the Will Smith-edition genie in particular looks goddamn terrible. heh heh, “hold on to your butts!”…this should be good :popcorn: :smile:

The 1 saving grace though… it has my baby Naomi Scott in there…so at least there’s that. I’d ravage that gorgeous little ass 6 ways to Sunday without question.


Jasmine would get it all day, I would let her keep the outfit while I smash

Will Smith looks… dunno thought it was gonna be CG with his voice on


Yeah…I thought the Djinn would be entirely CG.


will smith just reminds me robin williams is dead


Will Looks like he has a turd stuck to his head.

Jazz and Al look good imo.


I laughed out loud, regretted it even as I did, but ultimately settled on its being a complimemt to my favorite stand up comedian of all time.



We still do, Al. We still do.



Harbour is actually kind of funny…


I don’t know how to feel about this trailer. The tone of it is super offputting to me. I’m still going to see it because I love Hellboy but I’m super suspect.


Everybody go see Spiderman if you haven’t, this movie is amazing, words can’t describe how much fun I had watching this movie. Every aspect of the film is perfect.

Movie of the year
stay till the very end of the credits :rofl:


The more I watch that Hellboy trailer the more I fucking hate it


Gonna watch Aquaman on IMAX this weekend. Hope is decent and not Green Lantern tier