"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


got this from a youtube quote about the hellboiiii trailer.

mm. that aint good. i think the major prob is that the vibe of the trailer is marvel universe type movie and not a dark horse comics based movie.
its too cutesy wootsie and tryin to be too upbeat. its def rated R and you can see the explicit violence in some scenes. but yea. not to mention Ron aint in it. people underestimate how much on screen charm he has. until he is gone then you miss him.
just look at alien resurrection. he was the best thing in that movie no joke. and that movie was terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible!


The scenes in the Hellboy trailer reminds me of a story from the comics, specifically the Wild Hunt (a story that occurred really far into the Hellboy lore). So the plan is to re-introduce the character, then go into a serious lore-filled story in one movie? Sounds like a mess.


Men in Black International trailer…

…and the international trailer.


its wild the two actors from Thor Ragnarok are in MIB. but its cool cuz they did have good chemistry together. i just hate that THAT is the best title they could think up. international.
like cmon.


I just appreciate seeing more Tessa Thompson on screen. Kinda wish she had a bigger ass but her voice and sexyness on camera makes up for it


What’s with Liam Neeson…revenge plots…and the cold?

Still gonna see it.


Hellboy slapstick looks cringey as hell. Not impressed with MiB either, I’m not seeing the chemistry. Why is Hemsworth doing another British Shakespearean accent again?

Cold Pursuit actually looks good, it’s got that Fargo looks like it gong to borrow a lot from Fargo.


I thought that’s how Hemsworth always sounded like…


That narrator at the beginning sounds exactly like the one from the recent X-Com games.

P.S. ‘Cold Pursuit’ looks entertaining.


MIB International looks like something that should be a straight to DVD sequel. Christ.


lol no he has a proper Aussie accent IRL


saw Lucy. it was ok at best for me.


I literally shouted WTF at the end of that one.

Sidenote, Bumblebee is a legit good (not great) Transformers movie.


I think they overplayed their hand with accessing unused parts of the human brain and 100% giving omnipotence and omnipresence. It would have been decent otherwise. I think 2011’s ‘Limitless’ handled the premise better.


watching american graffiti after many many years of not seeing it.
like it alot but i dont like it more than dazed and confused which was influenced by it.
now that movie i love. but who knows maybe it’ll grow on me.
i think graffiti is more artistic, a overall better crafted movie than D&C but i still like D and C more.


I personally think that ‘American Graffiti’ is George Lucas’s best film. It was so good that it prompted the creation of ‘Happy Days’ television show. However, the conservative culture represented in the movie and relatively streamlined characters may not resonate with most people.

I think ‘Dazed and Confused’ is awkward in its execution but its characters are more developed and depicted scenarios are truer to life. It is also more playful overall, albeit not to the extent of ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’.

I personally enjoy the coming of age genre of films as time pieces.


The SJW & feminists would get triggered today:


Most 90s movies are like “unwatchable” for sjws now. I have learned to appreciate even more certain movies because I know the shit I saw there is never ever showing up on any movies


I think the majority of the population does not care about those elements. I am kind of stunned by the fact that American and modern European societies tend to cater to the lowest common denominator/loudest minority.


reality is the younger 21st century kids are uncool as fuck. something went wrong. kids went astray, forgot what cool is.
its all furries, overly sensitive people (sjws), dweebs, and comic con spazzes now. all of the socially retarded people who were once ostracized back then, remember, for being socially retarded and not knowing how to socialize,… are the mainstream now.