"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


revenge of the nerds is laughable. not in a funny way either for the basically rape scene


Us trailer…


Remember when we treated people like fucking shit for being different? Man those where the times.


Man is known by the company he keeps. The company of defective human beings can have negative repercussions.


Yea I do post on the same forum as your dog shit scummy ass so I guess you might have a point.


sheeeeeit, I wasn’t expecting the “Us” trailer to be that awesome…holy shit that sold me on this movie big time…I didn’t even know anything about it until now; I thought it was some silly comedy at first due to the song choice. :open_mouth:


Just watched 1996’s ‘Executive Decision’ for the first time and I am surprised I have not seen it until now. It makes the hostage/WMD situations in ‘Con Air’ and ‘The Rock’ look like child’s play. The premise is that a commercial air flight is hijacked by terrorists and a team of specialists is sent in in an attempt to salvage the situation. The movie is unique in the sense that nothing goes according to plan and at all times the tension is turned up to eleven. It is made even better by an all-star cast.


This post is why there should be a hate button. You don’t know what any of the words in that sentence mean. That includes “the.”


I am beyond excited for this. I pretty much ugly cried while watching the documentary In the theaters. This is gunna be good.


Lol bird box is entertaining but def not as hype as a quiet place.

But this bitch really named these kids boy and girl lmfao


How Mary Poppins ushered in VFX for the modern blockbuster.


caps. oops.
nic cage and anthony edwards are in that movie. which i forgot.
but seeing anthony edwards with a lush full shiny head of hair, only to see him near bald in top gun which was filmed just a few years later, really disturbs me how fast a guy can lose his hair.
like overnight. sucks.


Yeah, baldness really changes a man’s appearance.

However, I was honestly more shocked by seeing Nicholas Cage in 1986’s ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’. Despite him being older by nearly half a decade this role has him acting the part of a high school kid.


Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a cartoon for little girls and full of the kind of thing that gets labeled as “feminist SJW propaganda” by cellar-dwelling fuckboys who think Rick Sanchez is relatable. As a result, it’s my favorite TV show in years. It’s very sweet, very funny, and exactly the kind of thing I’d show my kids if I had kids. Not that I’d ever have kids. Holy fuck, no. I hate kids.


Hey, I like Rick!


I love Rick Sanchez but I relate to Morty way more due to my crippling depression and extreme anxiety. :+1:


So, you like cartoons, but hate kids. What the fuck is wrong with you?

P.S. Both Rick and Morty are pathetic for different reasons. Evil Morty seems to be the best combination of their attributes.


Not all cartoons are made for children. Especially these days. There are a lot of adult oriented cartoons. Even a lot of “children” cartoons have adult content in them (jokes, themes for an episode, a background they go to, certain character personalities, etc)

Some of the most popular cartoons in the past 5-10 years have been more targeted towards “young adult” to “adult”. Regular Show, Adventure Time, Steven universe, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Mike Tyson Mysteries, the new voltron, Rick and Morty, etc…


What is considered adult is mostly geared toward juvenile teenagers who are still kids.


Hard disagree.