"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


I suppose King of the Hill could be considered a counterexample as it is basically an animated sitcom, but I am not sure who it is geared toward despite enjoying it.


Like the Simpsons, King of the Hill wasn’t necessarily targeted towards anyone. It was just a genuinely good show. Smart, funny, subtle, clever humor sprinkled through its entire run. Tons of the characters were relatable as well.


Okay, I guess there are some cartoons for all ages.


okay bud


Japan has literally made a career of making cartoons not geared to kids. Their are plenty of examples of American cartoons not for kids one bit…fuckin spawn people


berserk is, as adult as adult gets. i’m middle aged and i’m not sure i’m old enough to watch it.


Contrary to all the bullshit you quoted me as saying I am of the opinion that the show oversimplifies and overexaggerates the many ideas it brings to the table, but usually avoids committing to anything worthwhile and instead chooses to parody other works of fiction or create the greatest amount of chaos. While it has some interesting takes on certain ideas, the crude sense of humor within makes it difficult to recommend when there are so many better alternatives.

P.S. I don’t know any adults that watched Spawn and I don’t know of any that watched Berserk either.


Your anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean fuck all. Lots of adults watch both of those shows.


This is the second time you’ve failed to get the joke.

Does this guy remind anyone else of Genshir0 from a few years back or is it just me?


LOOOOOL, this is like Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise)


saw Upgrade today. if you like john wick or movies like that, upgrade is for you. a tad on the cheese. but well worth the watch.

and saw Hellboy again, cuz was in the mood. damn thats a great movie. when i first saw it years ago i wasnt that impressed. but the more times i watch it the more i like it. grows on you type movie. conan the barbarian did the same thig to me. gets better the more times you see it. tho conan is a masterpiece, hellboy is great but not a masterpiece.
but it does make you appreciate perlman+del toro. that is a dynamic duo right there. how i wish they had done hellboy 3 instead of hollywood doing a new reboot without their underappreciated talents. but perlman is mad old and idk if del toro wanted to do a 3rd i think he didnt.


That’s quite a library…


I watched Bird Box last night.


*Fart noise


Yeah. It looked terrible. I’m not surprised.


saw THX1138 last night.
interesting to great cinematography. and acting. very compelling all the way through.


have no idea wtf i watched or wtf was real vs imagined.

last note.
lucas likes strong images of dudes staring at sun/s.



Early reviews for “Glass” are pouring in. They’re negative to overwhelmingly negative. That said most the critics and viewers who saw advanced screenings also said “It will go down as the most divisive M. Night movie ever.”


I kind of saw it coming.

Sorry, true believers.

I blame BDH for Shamalalala’s fall.

Still not enough to off-set Pratt completely, but she really ought to just go ahead and break a heel in JW3.


What/who is BDH?


Opie’s bebe.