"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


I ask again.


Azure doesn’t like to answer questions.


BDH = Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of director Ron Howard who appeared in the 1960s American TV show "The Andy Griffith show. Ron’s character was named “Opie”


I know who ron Howard is. I just don’t see how this chick has any correlation with M. Night?


I stopped watching Shyamalan after Signs so I had wiki help.

BDH was in the Village and Lady in the Water, 2 of his films released in 2004 and 2006 respectively. They received poor reviews which began Shyamalans descent into crap films. I guess Azure feels she “cursed” his luck?


Like. He’s really only made 2 good movies. 6 sense and unbreakable. The rest have been bad to “I wish I had never seen that”.

Everyone says split is good but they don’t really explain why except for the ending .


The acting is great in Split.


Took me a bit to realize what this meant.
The Jurassic World Series (especially Lost Kingdom) have got to be some of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I hate everything about them. Especially Pratt.

Get that Dino whisperer bullshit out of my face. So dumb. And all the blatant in your face product placement. Fucking yuck.


Pratt is JW’s janitor to Wong’s Mr. Glass.

And BDH is as miscast as nepotism can get.


its also compelling. deja vu cause i could swear we’ve had this convo before like down to using the exact descriptions for the movie.


Split is very much a 1 man show. It was made that way, it is really good.


We did, I was just reiterating to Stu that there is more to the movie than just the ending. And McAvoy is worth the watch. But yeah, these convos get circular sometimes, lol.

Did I mention I enjoyed The Last Jedi?


The Last Jedi is still an excellent movie. I haven’t seen Split, but McAvoy was the shit in Atomic Blonde.


Finished Bad Times at the El Royale. Did NOT know Chris Helmsworth had that kind of range as an actor.


He was the only thing watchable on Ghostbusters. And I love Kristen Wiig


Little trailer…


Doesn’t look very good…


They are playing their roles from in secure and blackish.


He was the only thing worth the watching of it.

I’ve little reason to watch a sequel.


Just watched the trailer for that movie. I’m intrigued.