"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


I recently rewatched Crimson Peak after a bit of time away from it. I think it might be an unsung masterpiece. Del Toro excels at creating beautiful and it just doesn’t get better than that rickety ass house. Acting, cinematography, characters are all top shelf. Underrated film.


It is really well made in terms of visuals and audio, but its plot is relatively poor and the supernatural entities fail to inspire fear, just weariness. For Del Toro it is kind of subpar. Hard to believe the bitterness did not clue the protagonist in on the nature of the beverage.


Will Jason make it right…?


Just let the franchise die.


Ramis is dead.

What else needs be said?


After 6, I now want Affleck in the next one.

To die even worse than Cavill.

If possible.

Save Gadot for the last one and we can have a Trifecta of cathartic cleansing of the modern DC Universe from our cinematic palates.

Momoa can die in 2022’s opening credits.

I’d kind of like Hawkeye and Miss Q back, 'doe.


Ghostbusters was the only legitimate good one. There is no real need for this. I am so glad creators like Robert Zemeckis are not part of reboot culture. To quote Vision, “Nothing is beautiful because it lasts”.


The collection of stars in the night sky are beautiful and will continue to exist for all eternity.

Some remakes are genuinely good, but they usually need to work off of something flawed with room for improvement.


Fuck off, CinemaSins. Go look up “melodrama” alongside all those other concepts you aren’t smart enough to wrap your head around.


Stars die dumb dumb.


Some of the ones he sees already are [dead].

But I guess you’re taking baby steps with him.


This is a real teaser…


Did anyone catch the premier of True Detective Season 3 last Sunday? I’ve been busy with moving this past week and haven’t had time to see it yet. Hoping to catch up this weekend.


And new ones are born and the collection remains dumb dumb.

P.S. In a sea of melodramas ‘Crimson Peak’ fails to inspire hardly any emotion except the loathing of several characters’ naivete as they fail to be charming or funny.


a new Ghostbusters eh? and this one will be the true sequel? Wait for another shitstorm


New Hellboy Poster


I just want a Ghostbusters extreme movie


from what it sounds like, we may just get that this time around. 3rd movie maybe be a passing of the torch movie.


New detective pikachu trailer dropping soon.

Despite me liking CinemaSIns a lot this made me belly laugh for a good minute.


You mean one where they kill off the chick cast, and have Chris Hemsworth along with the surviving O.G.s track down their ghosts, to contain them in Hell forever?

Sounds legit.