"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


so they’re actually making that? the funny thing is that I’m assuming they’re pretending the other one with the female Ghostbusters never happened, like Dragonball fans with GT. :rofl:


it has been stated already that this Ghostbusters will ignore the 2016 movie


Just like we all did


Another John Wick movie poster


i wanted to rent Flash Gordon and damn amazon is only offering buy instead and i dont wanna buy just rent.
like fuck man.


saw Flash Gordon on a website who’s name cannot be mentioned out loud.

can confirm.

Flash Gordon still the worst movie ever made, when you watch it sober.

can double confirm.

Flash Gordon still the greatest movie ever made, when you’re high as a kite.

the greatest.

Flash mofo Gordon. saving the universe with football tackles.

never change Flash. never change.




Lots of major companies bidding for Bad Robot Films


Pokémon Red and Blue movie in the works. Will be set in the same universe as Detective Pikachu


Idk how I feel about that. I don’t mean that in a bad way. But maaaaaaan. It will be interesting. Especially depending on how Detective Pikachu turns out.


I’m exceedingly hype for Detective Pilachu


Flash Gordon had Queen do its theme. Enough said

A pkmn red blue movie? I recall Robin Williams was approved to be prof oak by Nintendo…fuck I’m sad now…


Replicas is good. Does the Bison resurrection thing in sf


Leslie…just let it go.


She needs to shut the fuck up and realize that the 2016 ghostbusters reboot is pretty much considered the worst reboot ever made and an awful movie all around. The reason why has absolutely nothing to do with it being an all female cast. It was just flat out bad.

No one wants to build upon that shit pile.


Yep. Again. The awfulness of the movie had nothing to do with it being all female. It was just such a predictably bad movie that I remember when the existance of the film’s production was leaked that everyone accurately guessed the casting and everything.


I just got back from Glass, consider me wildly unimpressed. I wasn’t expecting a Marvel movie and good feels, but in general the movie was just a big waste of time. I understood the message Sham was trying to portray, but he did it in a such a clumsy beat you over the head sort of way that I left the theater feeling pretty disgusted by it.


Was it so disgusting that it make you nauseous? Because that is what I felt after watching the ending of ‘Requiem for a Dream’.


2019 Oscar Nominees


Spider-Verse better win best animated feature