"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


I agree. Spider-Verse exceeded everyone’s expectations in every regard.

Incredibles 2 did not live up to hype or justify 10 year absence between movies.

While I absolutely loved Isle of Dogs I don’t think it really did anything spectacular. It’ was just a fun movie.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is literally everything that’s wrong with sequels. It was just a Disney circle jerk to show off how many IP’s they own. It was hot garbage and the pure definition of a cash grab sequel.

Literally never heard of MIRAI.


I liked BP but seriously those nominations are ridic


It’s like, when you say that people think you are hating. I think it’s a great movie, but best picture. . . . . . I just wonder why no other category (Supporting Actor/Actress, Director) didn’t see a nod for it. Personally, those were the things that actually made the movie. The technical awards that it has are definitely valid though especially production and score.

Lets also be honest, Bohemian Rhapsody doesn’t need to even be in the running.


Yup, Michael B Jordan for best supporting actor would be the only right one.


movies of 2018 so bad they had to let in a marvel movie AND a foreign mex film. jesus.


Movie awards are Hollywood circle jerks and this year continues to reinforce why I don’t follow or watch them.


How studios campaign the Oscars

The CIA controversy surrounding Zero Dark Thirty made me want to see it more.


The 2016 Ghostbusters movie wasn’t all that bad. People hate it because “omg SJWs” and because of those big mean feminists. The reason the executives are ignoring it moving forward is because it underperformed at the box office and was thus a failed experiment. So, so, so many worse reboots and remakes exist, but because they aren’t rooted in gender role reversal, they aren’t the fandom whipping girls. I’m not usually the one to cry sexism in these kinds of instances, but turning an average comedy into this vilified pariah of a movie is literally only happening because they replaced Bill Murray with Melissa McCarthy.

Seriously, 2012’s Total Recall was so much worse.


I didn’t like Ghostbusters 2016 because the chemistry between the main cast was bad…and it had one of the WORST movie villains ever displayed.

The plot was ass too.


I didn’t like it because I want to punch Kate McKinnon.


People didn’t like the 2016 ghostbuster because the cast had no synergy, the acting was bad and everyone’s personality was about as exciting as fucking card board. It was horribly written, the villain was absolute garbage, the humor was forced and felt like a bad SNL sketch that went on way too long. Not to mention it shit all over the legacy and universe the first 2 movies had built.

There was a lot wrong with it. The vocal minority cried about it being a female cast but that isn’t even remotely why it was panned by fans and critics alike.


Anyone who actually saw Ghostbusters 2016 should see it’s a colossal mess…


Literal garbage comment.


Maybe so but you don’t hear anyone defending Colin Farrell’s Total Recall or any other trash remake/reboot. The reason for controversy came from the fact that sjws blamed sexism or some other bs for the bad reception.


The fact that “Ghostbusters movie” and “average comedy” can be said in the same scentence undermines all that horse shit about it being women hate.

Ghostbusters II ain’t the greatest but it still isn’t average.


Thor was the best part of Ghostbustiers.


And they made him a complete fucking idiot


That BS is why Saving Private Ryan lost way back to Shakespeare in Love


It just wasn’t good as a comedy.


Didnt bother me. Literally hundreds of thousands of women had to do that kinda . Plus it’s funny to see him in such a goofy role.