"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


Zac Efron as Ted Bundy…


Summer 2020 looking kind of beefy…


I still don’t understand why Sony thinks Morbius of all comic book characters is some sort of draw. He’s not a good character.


sheeeeit, I think there’s strong potential…then again I could be biased because I’m the biggest fan of vampire-related shit there is… but most people probably haven’t even heard of Morbius, so they have a lot of room to take “liberties” and make him a 100x more interesting and badass dude.

I do remember the version that appeared in the 90s Spiderman cartoon was terribly lame though. I’d bet the movie version will be far superior, easily…even if it’s half-ass.


If he can actually bite people in the neck and refer to it as blood instead of plasma ,they’d be off to a great start lol.

I always thought it was funny that the theme song for Spiderman TAS could say " spider blood spider blood " but not in the show itself.


I hated Morbius in the cartoon, sucking plasma through his hands. Shouldve left him.alone if they werent goin all in. I also remember Blade being on there too. lol.


Aignt no fuckin nerd has ever wanted moebius except for blade to murder him


Did they ever have beef? Morbius is a vampire by mutation not by being bit or being born a vampire.

Not to mention Morbius fucking hates being a vampire and only feeds when he’s on the brink of death.


That’s how much nobody likes him


oh hell…one of THOSE then? “Oh no, I’m this creature with all these badass super-human abilities oh woe is me I’d rather be a normal (weak ass, boring) human.” Jesus H. Christ that shit is just… it’s usually funny but sometimes bordering on being annoying. :roll_eyes:

It’s silly to me because… I guarantee you that would very rarely be the case with anyone if such powers were a reality some day. No one in their right mind would wish to be a plain-jane, boring ass human again. Take a look at even base-line vampirism that most shows and movies portray: immortality, supernatural healing factor, superhuman speed/strength/agility, a magical “charm” or mind-control ability, the ability to grant similar powers via “turning” people …and perhaps flight and physical transformations…and you’re telling me a person would rather give ALL that awesome shit up? hahah get the hell outta here :rofl: Sooo many shows, comics and movies do this shit with at least 1 character in the story, and it’s always some silly horseshit, imo.

sheeeeit, Niklaus from Vampire Diaries/Originals had a great reaction to his sister’s foolishness about wanting to be human; I think she asked if he would also want to be human and he laughed----“what? …and give up being the most powerful creature on this planet?!”


Go see Vice if you haven’t, brilliant movie. Christian Bale and Adam McKay deserve those Oscar nods. Amy Adams does very well as supporting actress but I can’t see her beating out The Favourite.


I could see being immortal being a troublesome power after you’ve outlived everyone you’ve ever loved and cared about


Wolverine seems chill with it.


cheh, that’s a situation where I prefer to see the glass half full…as an immortal, you have an indefinite amount of time to have that much more in terms of friends and family…ultimately you might have 100x more people to care about over the centuries/millennia. Also, as a vamp, one could even eliminate that problem by “turning” people, if they are ok with that.

Oddly enough, I think my parents would probably turn that down… Mom because she’s more of a religiously inclined person… Dad would probably be ok with it, especially if it changed him to be like he was back in the day as a young, athletic dude in his prime. Of course I’d be up for turning any of my closest friends as well. ha, yeah I’ve actually thought this stuff out (the day to day or “century to century” logistics of being a vampire or just an immortal being) multiple times as if it might become a real thing at some point in my life time :laughing: (hopefully)
I think the only potentially annoying thing of being immortal is that it’s likely you’d have to fake your death several times over and keep moving around to new places (which in turn leads to taking up new identities and SSNs, etc.) to avoid suspicion…people would start to wonder what’s up when it’s been 70 years and you still look exactly the same…


In Abraham Lincoln vampire slayer the Vampire that teaches Abe to fight actually has a discussion about how most Vampires make it to 300 years old and then kill themselves out of boredom. It was an interesting take on being a vampire.

“‎And when this intoxication has worn away… when every desire is fulfilled and every language learned- when there are no more distant cities to explore; no classics to be studied; not another coin to be stuffed in to one’s coffers- what then? One can have all the comforts of the world, but what use are they if there is no comfort in them?”

“Without death,’ he answered, 'life is meaningless. It is a story that can never be told. A song that can never be sung. For how would one finish it?”


Just 300 years? I could see that once you are +800 but 300?? Every 80 years or so things change a fuckton so I would never be worried about boredom when there is new shit coming up all the time. Especially if you consider the 20th century and beyond. Videogames, movies, etc


If I was a motherfucking vampire I doubt I’d be playing many video games.


Thing of how long those lanparties would last bruh.


Youd be gaming all day cuz you cant even go outside. Gotta wait till the sun goes down to get your freak on.


Which is why you have a LAN party! Neck beards and vampires hate the sun!