"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


That would help getting stream cred.


Fucky fucky focused vampire or sucky sucky centric?


oh yeah and that’s the other thing— there’s always something potentially awesome to look forward to in the future…imagine being guaranteed to be here to see and experience whatever that is. People in the 19th century never would’ve imagined stuff like television, or video games or the internet which are common things today. There might be a whole new form of entertainment/media created in just the next 20 to 30 years from this very moment, maybe even less…along with new movies and music you’d enjoy…imagine what might be produced in the next 100 years…the next 1,000 and so on. (there’s certain modern movies I often think my grandfather would have loved to see, but sadly he isn’t around to enjoy them, obviously; he was all about action movies, btw…the more violence and car chase scenes the better; he loved that shit) There’s always something to look forward to in the future. There’s no such thing as being “bored” with immortality, imo.


Unless we nuke ourselves to oblivion and you’re the last man standing.

And then the sun eventually explodes and the entire galaxy is destroyed so you’re left floating out in empty space alone for the rest of eternity.


I’d be ok with that as well, with the immortality/invincibility combo. It would take an insane amount of time…but eventually you’d drift towards another planet. My imagination would keep me entertained indefinitely. The ideal of course would be if I could fly so I would have some control over where I go in space at that point…also making sure to avoid black holes.

…which reminds me now that someone needs to make the damn Silver Surfer movie. Surfer was the only cool thing about that one Fantastic 4 film.


i saw american history x and transcendence today.
it was mindfucking me the cinematography because its like spike lee kept insisting on doing way way too close of close ups in that movie especially in the 1st act. but pulled back on the cam thankfully.
i wasnt impressed much with ed norton’s performance in that movie, he was way better in fight club.
but ed furlong performance was on point.
good to great movie all around.
as for transcendence, loved it.
its now one of my favs in sci fi of the past decade up there with ex machina.
sci fi my fav genre so its not har to please me in that genre if its really good.


found it weird that depp character who got severe radiation poisoning from a potent but miniscule amount of radioactive material, after he died they shook his ashes over a river and they all caught a face full of deadly nuclear dust lmfaoooo . like wtf? if he has such deadly radioactive material in his body, wtf would you cremate him and spread his ashes on a windy day. i lol’ed hard at that scene. made no sense. like the director and everyone else including the actors forgot logic right there in that scene. oh well


I am going to assume since Vampires need to feed that they are capable of starving to death. So probably once everyone was dead Vampires would die off too.


I just rewatched Jurassic World 2.

The blatant errors in it are great fun to laugh at.

I especially love the scene where CEO Claire and Tech Guy are trying to escape the control room, with the lava and the apex predator.

The lava is lels enough, but that silo-tunnel scene…

Suffice it to say that apex predator had super armor on its head’s hurt box.

Tech Guy freezes and screams.

Dino sucks at ‘dat huntin’ life, fails to RTSD, and Tech has time to go up the tube tunnel’s ladder JUST far enough to be out of the dino’s reach.

Thiccck CEO Claire manages to get the silo top open, and she and Tech Guy clamber out…

…just in time to avoid the dino grabbing them, as its head suddenly busts out from the hole…

…despite the whole “cant climb a ladder with stubs for arms”, thing, much less the whole “I was literally too fucking big to fit in here half a scene ago” thing.

Murikan Action Movie Low-jick.


My wife and I ate some gummies before watching it in the theater. My favorite part was… LOL… when the guy got in the cage with the killer dinosaur and it fucking ate him. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

And then… LMAO… when they opened the gate at the end and let all the dinosaurs out :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I turned to my wife at that part and said, “fuck it” and the people around me laughed all hard.


the best part was watching shots of Bryce Dallas Howard ass.


That spin-off…


Vin Diesel must be having one helluvah bad Herpes outbreak.


The biggest question is - How did we get here?

I think this will walk that line between it’ll either be really good or terrible. There is no in-between with this.


… I scoffed hit play …found my self laughing and smiling. I had to go look at myself in the mirror


Is that a good person to be comparing yourself to? lol


He asked permission!


So we just gone introduce super powered soldiers in the Fast & Furious universe? …


just saw Uncanny.

mind blown. the ending.


Battle Angel early review from Stuckmann

Grade B


Han got first.