"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


Have you seen any of shit that Hobbs has done?

Dom lifted a car all casual like, before piloting it across 3 skyscrapers.


Lmfao anyone who is surprised at super human edris hasnt been paying attention to f&f series


Humans have lifted cars in real life under extreme stress, but a nigga being infused with super soldier powers, thats a bit more than that lol


Ergo “all casual like”.

Like, yawn Imma just go ahead lift this car, and you.crawl under it broelsinsawl… we good, B.


Still…her eyes.
I can’t.


I was all in with the first trailer.

I know im rare in this one it seems but her eyes dont bother me at all.


Her eyes don’t bother me . . . . . . .once they made the first edit after trailer 1.


anime styled big eyes for expressive reasons. fine we all know that. but there wasnt any reason to repeat that asthetic here in a live action movie. i mean, if they wanted to make it anime then do it to everyone in the cast, which would be even more silly and disturbing.
they shouldve just used the actual actress’s face. its needless unwanted cgi.


they could have used Anya Taylor instead. I swear that girl has the whole anime looks going on


She was already doing Split and Glass.


saw children of men and guardians of the galaxy 2.
gotg2 was lighter less dark than the 1st one. it was fun but that twist at the end was sorta stupid. like cmon.
children of men was…depressing as fuck. i did love the use of the one shot. or sometimes called long shot. its where you never cut. and just keep rolling. never seen a movie before that utlized this technique as much. made it much more exciting than it wouldve normally been.


I liked gotg2 better than 1. Watched both like waaay after they got released. In retrospective I would’ve enjoyed watching them on big screen


Yeah, they have some cool space sequences with psychedelic pinball machine looking stuff and great music. Fun times in the theater.


why did guardians 3 get cancelled again?


It didn’t.


It got Gunned down.


I agree. I enjoyed the first movie, but at times it felt kind of juvenile. The sequel felt like a more competent attempt at storytelling and had some interesting overlapping plots.



So its a comedy now?


Trailer 2…