"Movie And A Show" Thread: Popcorn Optional


I’m good with that…


It ended on a high, and quite final note.

Anything else would be WW Gief levels of a cheap money grab.


was watching Spiderman (Raimi) the other day and didn’t remember Elizabeth Banks was on it. Holy shit she looked smoking hot back then


Chucky’s back…again.


OMG at Will Smith…


It was nice until the last 5 seconds lol.


whyd they make him cgi fat?


I absolutely fucking hate that child’s play trailer.

No Brad Dourif (voice of chucky)
No Don Mancini (the creator of childs play)
Ignores the ongoing canon of films that are about to be continued with the tv series (which I am insanely excited about)
Stupid as fuck plot (rogue ai? Really?)
No teenager would want a good guy doll.

It’s just a fucking mess and dumb cash grab hoping people who are nostalgic for the original film will go and see this abomination of a reboot/remake.


Didn’t know it’s expensive to join:



Let’s add some Dumbo…


Man I hate Tim Burton. Dumbo looks terrible.

Also Aladdin:


A movie about Tolkien…


Uhh when will they stop milking him. Wonder if they mention his friendship with CS Lewis


And his converting Lewis, a hardcore atheist, to Catholicism.

Mind you he had a WW2 assist, there, but damned if that isn’t impressive.

Even an agnostic like me has to admire that level of linguistic hustle.


Frozen 2 teaser…



A sequel for a movie that didn’t need a fucking sequel


I guess bitches just couldn’t let it go.


And in all fairness… it didn’t even need a one-off.


Tolkien had the most untouchable linguistic hustle cuz he can hustle your ass in like 8 different languages, one of which he completely made up.


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