Movie Chat: Limitless


Who else saw it? I saw it opening day in the middle of the afternoon. Was the only one in the theater since everyone’s at work/school at that time. It got a REALLY good rating too.

I loved it, was a good movie. Would just love more back story on the drug NZT, awesome drug!

Would be cool if someone could do this with modern or future medical science, I’d love to break out into a fight and recall kung fu, SF4, and boxing moves from past movies/games/shows.


You should chat about this in the Movie thread but yea this movie looks kind of cool.


As long as I’ve been around SRK, surprised I didnt even think about that myself. But then again I’m not big into talking movies, so I never had a need to post in there until now…Hope the mods dont punish me!

But seriously, see the movie.