Movie question for iPod Classic


So I bought an iPod Classic today and it says all this garbage about being able to play movies on it.

I thought I might be able to put my random tournament match footage, wrestling vids and YouTube clips in my iPod, but it seems like the only movies you can actually put in there are the ones you buy in iTunes.

Is there software or an application out there that will allow me to synch my random vids into iTunes? Or do I have a useless Movie feature on my iPod, 'cause fuck buying movies through iTunes.


Eh, I figured out a way to convert the video, but now there’s an ugly watermark right in the middle of the screen.



lol, I thought this was a spambot post for a sec before I saw your user name.

As you’ve found out, iPods require a specific format. There are a number of different converters out there, for example the ones the spambots try to sell.

A decent free one I’ve been using is 3GP. There is no watermark and I’ve never had issues with audio desyncing. You should be able to find a free download via google.