Moving Around Properly

So I seem to be able to play my teams strengths toy re each other at this point but I guess I was wondering if im moving about the screen properly. I can wave dash and kinda tri dash to an extant but I always see people moving fairly fast in matches.

Only reason I really brought it up is because I havent been able to open someone up very well. I guess then, the question is how do I play chess against other players so I can attack them better or faster.

Two questions:
1 I assume Marvel… but which one?

2 What characters? Mobility depends on the characters. If you’re using (MvC3) Chun or Ironfist, for example, you’re going to have to work a LOT fucking harder to get in than say… Vergil. If you’re having a hard time getting in with characters like Vergil and Zero… well… Idk man… lol