Moving be like Water... Still, be like a mirror. - Character Balancing and Limitations Thread

So it’s early in the game… Yadda yadda yadda…

…but not so early that people haven’t already discovered at least the limitations of certain characters. It’ll be a while before somebody finds out that a rarely used move can lead to a Zero-like unlimited combo. But the things that aren’t working… you already know.

That’s what this thread is for.

I’ll start with the characters I use the most and we can just add to the list.

Black Adam

  1. Horrible match-up against Superman. His usually reliable dive kick flies RIGHT into Superman’s air heat ray vision at precisely the wrong angle. To add insult to injury…
  2. He has practically no AA so there’s no way to snatch Superman out of the sky. No dragon punch… and no double jump so you can’t catch him with the dive kick at all. (in the air.)
  3. His metered lightning does a CRAZY amount of damage on block. This is completely unnecessary (though he isn’t the only one). You can MB the bolt it takes off only a little less power when blocked… and while the enemy is just getting out of block stun… you can just throw it again. That’s kinda cheap.
  4. No real low pokes. D3 sucks ass. D2 is actually a mid. And that’s it. It limits his ground game. The opponent can just block standing forever and be fine. Or… better yet… low poke YOU!


  1. Trait “HA, HA, HA” pretty much evaporates as soon as you start to collect it (and it’s too easy to whiff in the first place).
  2. Lacks an effective way to cross the screen quickly (his Crowbar is as good as it gets) and is a sitting duck for Batmen and Deathstrokes.

Harley Quinn

  1. Recovery on trait is a little long.
  2. Hitbox on some moves is kind of puzzling… (F1,3 hits… for example… WAT outside the area of her hands.)

Locking, we will be creating a proper balance/tier thread with an actual community match up chart after the first few majors or a couple of months.