Moving Capcom Digital Downloads/DLC from Slim 360 HDD to 4gb Internal Flash



Ive got a 4GB Slim 360, and I’m using my old phat 20gb HDD which I took out of its original case using the following method


and stuck in a cheap fake plastic case I got off Ebay for €3 so the drive doesn’t wobble, its been working perfect for almost 1 year now.I only play fighting games on my 360, and the drive currently has SSF4 and UMVC3 installed from their retail discs. Ive also got 3S:OE and the SSF4AE DLC which I bought and the free compatibility packs for MK9 installed to the HDD.

Its only now that Im starting to run out of space, when I try to move anything on the HDD to the flash drive it works fine, except for 3S:OE and the SSF4AE DLC. When I try to move those I get the following error message “This item cannot be transferred between profiles”. I thought the reason I couldnt transfer the SSF4AE DLC was because it might need to be installed to the same drive as the retail disc (does it ?) but if that’s the case, why cant I transfer 3S:OE ?.

Ive also got all my apps and a couple of free games from XBL Marketplace on the 4GB flash drive, I can transfer them back and forth between drives no problem. Ive got 1.6gb of space left on the flash drive and 600mbs left on the HDD, I wanted to move 3S:OE and the SSF4AE DLC to the flash drive as they are both around 700mb and would fit nicely, I need about 2GB of space on either drive to buy VF5:FS, Ive got slightly more then that between both drives and dont want to resort to uninstalling retail games and playing them from their discs (its a long story but its to do with noise and a girlfriend who works nights).

Thanks in advance