Moving character-specific threads into general strat

the character-specific forums are totally dead, but more because of lack of exposure than anything. cvs2 has way too many characters to keep up on, and even i never bother to look down that huge list and see if any new posts are there

so, i’m gonna move some of the more active threads to general strat as an experiment and see if that yields something. if a thread dies, it goes back into character forums for archival

if you have a request for a thread to be moved here, post up in this thread

on a similar note, feel free to start new character-specific threads in the general strat forum for the time being

its not an everyday active thread but I’ve put a lot of work on the 3 recent posts by me on the Geese thread:

if you believe it’s worth checking out for other people, plz give it a bump :tup:

random note

dunno about cvs2, but i think the strategy forum overhaul is the main reason marvel strategy discussion died on srk. splitting it into character-specific forums was a huge blunder imo, totally disregarding how the game works.

good call on buk’s part


random note

clock’s avatar is kind of cool (even though strider sucks)

wow whend you get unbanned

Play him, he’ll show you how much Strider sucks.


I remember when SRK “cleaned up” the strategy section way back in like '03 or something… I knew they’d all die.

There used to be mad strategy discussion all the time.

I want to learn how to play RYO!

thanks buk, i think this is the right way to do things

i thought buk doesn’t have a computer…


you obv don’t know much


I always hoped somethng good would show up in the maki thread. Still waiting…

Note* How the hell do you stick to the wall indefinitely?

I lost to Clockw0rk at evo. Ryo is evil. definitely a worthwhile thread to move

i was thinking the same thing today

Great minds think alike good sir.