Moving out.

So some opportunities have opened up in my life that have me seriously considering moving out of my parents’ home in Random Small Town, USA to Columbus OH. My time frame for this has been accelerated so I could possibly move in the next few months.

This would be my first time really living away from home. I’ve got a potential roommate lined up but I want to plan as if it were just me. If my roommate situation does work out then great I now have some extra money in the budget. If not I’d still be fine. So SRK, what words of wisdom do you have, what move out pitfalls could I avoid, and what’s some cheap ways to feed myself?

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Aspire to be the neighbor you’d want.

Find some cheap recipes and learn to love them.

Don’t eat out alot, take the bus if you can, don’t buy every shiny thing you like, don’t keep alot of possessions, vacations (with travel) are expensive, stay home. Also, get a rice cooker, it’ll make your life so much easier, and rice pretty much goes with anything :slight_smile:

Eat like an asian. Spend like an asian.

This is how you survive.

i think you to have to specify, old school asian. Kids these days just spend money on cars, modding and other meaningless crap…

Yes. This is true.

Eat and spend money like a 90 year old from the mainland.

Don’t have a room mate that was once a crack head. Actually avoid having room mates period, when it comes to; saving money on rent to dealing with another person’s crap at the end it doesn’t ever balance out. I’d personally would rather pay extra and live alone. Try to watch your money as much as possible and always put priorities ahead of things of luxury. Carry some brass knuckles.

Man, I was afraid that I’d terribly trollish responses from General Discussion but this a solid suggestion to keep in mind.

Hmm… A crock pot is going to be a given for moving out but I never thought about a rice cooker.

Dang, I assume you had a pretty bad experience in the past?

I had a couple good room mates but a bunch of bad ones in the past. I think anyone that has had multiple room mates would have similar experiences or got extremely lucky.
Right now I’m back living with my folks until I can get some kind of a decent career started. But once I get that started and move into a house, I will avoid having room mates like cancer. I won’t even have my good friend(friends since we were kids) move in when the time comes, because it never works out at the end. And unless you got extra cash and the extra patience to deal with a stranger, like I said, anyone would be better off living alone. The only people that I see that should have room mates are people that have loneliness/anxiety issues but personally I like going to a place of my own and have the freedom of roaming the place naked with a boner if I wanted to.

Be cheap with everything. Buy furniture off craigslist. Sell your shit on craigslist.


Wait, you can’t do that with a roommate? I need to go back to the drawing board…

Don’t invite girls over to your place first. They may be crazay! and once they know where you live you’re fuuuuucked! :tup:

Always said that people were better off living alone…

I think the most important part is really coming up with a budget and sticking with it. Once you get a decent idea of what kinda money you’ll be making, it’s not hard.

Also, don’t move into a shady area if you don’t absolutely have to. It might seem like an awesome way to save a lil cash, but its really not worth the headache of living in a shitty neighborhood. You don’t wanna be worried about people breaking in your place/car or any of that nonsense. A lil peace of mind goes a long way.

As someone who lived on their own for 3 years before moving back in with the folks so I can finish school, here is my advice:

[]Take care of purchasing any expensive furniture/electronics you might want before you move out. It will be easier on you once the monthly rent + other bills start kicking in. Go to Ikea for your furniture. You have to assemble it yourself, but their stuff is cheap. Check if any family members can part with furniture. My sister gave me a spare bed and a table.
]Eliminate or greatly reduce any debt you have as much as possible before you move out for the same reason as above. You should have a savings account for this purpose, or otherwise just have enough money saved up to take care of them.
[]Rent is #1 on priorities. Goes without saying. Budget everything based around whether you can make the rent. Write down your budget if you have to (I kept a mental budget).
]Don’t go for the cheapest place. They’re priced low for a reason. Nobody wants Mediterranean or Baltic Ave.
[]Try to locate a place that’s near a grocery store, bus station, anything you might need. Don’t drive if you don’t have to.
](applies only if you own a car) If you find yourself not driving often, consider suspending your auto insurance, and just take public transit.
[]Rice cookers are awesome. Get one.
]George Foreman grill is awesome. Get one.
[]Learn to cook. Doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Try to cook a lot of food so that you have leftovers for different days.
]I would try living alone if you can afford it. I’ve had the experience of both, and living alone >>>>>> roommates.

basically manage your money well is the advice.

Definitely be aware of who you may be living with. It will eventually get to the point where your roomy might invite their friends over, people who you don’t know, people who might have habits yo don’t want in your place (drugs, dumbasses who trash your place because they don’t live there, etc.)
Also, be aware of your roomy’s habits and if they pull some nonsense, take care of it ASAP. Like the roomy never cleaning up after himself or constantly leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Might seem small at first, but that’s the kind of thing that will drive you insane if you let it go for too long without saying anything.

While there are more responsibilities than come along with living on your own, there’s a lot of fun and freedom to be had as well. Just be safe!

don’t be the guy who does this

+infinity! I hate it when people don’t clean up after themselves. They end up being a burden to someone else.