Moving parts from MadCatz SE stick to TE

Hey there,

Right now I’ve got a MadCatz SE stick with full Sanwa and a Kitty TE dual mod and I was looking at moving all of the parts and even the PCBs to a TE. I’m going to buy a Round 1 TE with the joystick/buttons/turbo panel removed. Will my parts transfer over with from one stick to the next? For example will my turbo panel fit in that of the TE? The wires seem to have enough slack to allow slight moment so that should not be a problem.

Anyone here have experience with this?

IIRC the two sticks use the same boards, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m not sure if the Turbo Panel is swappable between a SE and TE Fightstick.

A dormant memory is telling me there is a problem somewhere when I tried doing this before. Please be careful…

You’ll also need to figure out how you want to hook up the ‘start’ & ‘select’ buttons. Check with the mic jack as well.

Thank you for concern.

As far as I can see all I would need to do for Start/Select is get new wires to hook up to the PCB and buy some of the smaller buttons that are used on the TE start/select buttons (the exact size escapes me now). I guess i’ll ask a friend if they’ll let me pop open their stick so that I can measure the dimensions of the turbo to ensure that they match up.

Start & Select = 24mm. If wanting Sanwa then go for OBSF-24 or OBSN-24

The more I think about it the more I’m sure the turbo panel from an SE will not fit into the slot on a TE shell. Slight size difference, which is quite irritating.

Too big or too small? I have an extra PS3 TE sitting around, and a 360 SE. It’s been in the back of my mind to swap parts out so I can have a TE with a kitty, just haven’t had the ambition to do something about it. I’d check it out this weekend, but I just installed Skyrim last night, can’t seem to do anything else but that.

Heh… just found a spare 10 mins so I opened up some sticks to test again.

I was right - they are not swappable. The SE turbo panel is deeper and has inverted screw holes, it’s also slightly inclined making it a bit larger. In short, you cannot simply swap an SE turbo panel into a TE.

It may be possible to make it fit, but this will involve re-shaping the plastic very carefully with a scalpel or dremel. But it will still protrude quite a lot from the TE metal faceplate.

I had a ps3 R1 TE stick and yet another faulty madcatz stick (Brawl with poor solder on the start and select) and rather than deal with the hell that is madcatz customer service i replaced the ps3 TE with the Xbox brawl SE.

I had no problem with the screws or getting the turbo panel to fit (it was a tight fit for sure). The turbo panel does protrude quite abit like gahrling said.

If you cant solder like me then you will have a problem with the usb cable. I had to dismantle the ENTIRE stick and bore a quarter size hole for the usb cable. the stick works fine andThe mod was fun but it was the toughest Ive done

Brawlstick turbo panels and SE turbo panels may be different then, because the SE panel I checked yesterday would not naturally fit. Modifications would have to be made, like drilling out the side support screws.