Moving to SSF4AE on PC

Hello everyone.
I play Vanilla SF4 on pc and i want to upgrade to SSF4AE. What should i do to purchase it? Is it possible to do it via Windows Live with my Windows Live account?

Yes, that’s how I got it (although I got AE for free b/c I went to Evo).

just dont go thru Steam. Sometimes if you have no internet it will randomly not open. But don’t be i a hurry yet because the 2012 patch isn’t available for the PC version. Honestly, I suggest that while you wait for the 2012 patch you spring for a PS3 or Xbox360 because not only can you buy AE new for only $20 right now, but you can play so many more games as well. anyway my windows live name is ahdonye hit me up when u get it for your PC