MP and MK in Marvel vs Capcom


If you’re crouching and blocking at the same time and someone does a standing MP or MK, will you get hit? I was playing someone who was using Gambit today and I was crouch blocking, then he hit me w/ a standing MP. Is it only for certain characters or is that just part of the system? I remember I used to play Mortal Kombat on Xbox alot, and some characters had “Middle” Attacks that would by pass any crouching block. Just want to know if its the same


Matters if it’s an overhead. Overheads have to be blocked standing.


Ya I was thinking that. Gambits MP has that whole motion of coming from the top then coming down.


That move is not an overhead.

I only know of Ryu’s f+mp as being an overhead in that game (and his other forms…)

Instant overheads, yes… but no other overheads.