MP into U2.



I for the life of me cannot combo into U2 from medium attacks. I have no problem linking it from heavy attacks though. Can someone please help me understand what I might be doing wrong? I also see everyone use KKKx2 in their inputs, whats the point of this when KKKx1 makes it come out as well? Thanks guys.

For reference, my inputs look like this. : df+mp, ub, df+KKK,ub+KKK
I’ve also tried doing KKKx2 after the last ub. No luck. Both of the inputs I listed above make the move come out…it just gets blocked…


someone made a video off this

other than that it just seems you need to spend a few hours each day practicing and overnight in your sleep you will become faster and faster until you can do it.


Wait a minute…does it have to be off a counter hit MP or MK? Cuz I can do that all day…


I think cr.MP has to be counter-hit and cr.MK doesn’t, I may be wrong though


I feel dumb if that’s the case…lol


You’ll never found something about a CH needed in any thread around.
You’re just too slow. It takes practice more than any other things. Just like 24th trials for some chars.


Medium attacks it can be difficult because you need to hit the cancel almost perfectly. But no counter hit is actually needed.


I’ve completed every Akuma trial. The video posted above cleary states CH mp within the first 10 seconds of it. Thanks for the response guys, back to the lab.


Btw man, from what I hear, you’re the founder of this method of cancelling into U2. Could you please show me your inputs? And the reasoning behind the diagonals and the 2xKKK instead of just 1xKKK? I like to understand what I’m doing, lol. Thanks in advance.


Okay so to clarify and inform :

Nu-Skoool doing it from CH medium is his own idea. He never said it was a prerequisite. Let’s think about it. It’s a cancel to TP to Ultra. How can you react to a CH in order to perform a cancel ? The best you can do is link something if you’re fast. like far HK, sweep after a CH cr.MP.
There’s no way back if you commit to do a U2 hoping it’ll be CH and fail to CH, game over.

Next, the U2 is famous for being the only comboable and hit-confirmable ultra Akuma have. We saw U2 U2 all over the place in top players video since AE2012 starting with Daigo’s Akuma show off videos. And many others since. If it’s comboable, it works without CH.

But if you’re new to this game you’re unlikely to have seen any videos about this anyway.

Finally, no I never discovered the cancel to U2, I found an easy way, a “one for all” kind of way to do it from crouch mediums and stand heavy normals because I’m lazy and found Infiltration’s way too complicated for my fingers. And this thread is right in the front page of this Akuma forum. All you need is read the thread just under yours.

And 2 threads under it you can read this Akuma's Confirmed Changes for Ultra SFIV (updated 23rd May, 2014)

It’ll answer some questions I hope.


Thanks for the reply, yeah reading a CH on reaction cancel into u2 seemed retarded but Im new to this shit, so yeah I didnt know.


I haven’t been able to land a non-counter hit MP into U2 once. I don’t see how I can do U2 any faster, I can’t even do it in training mode so I don’t think there’s any hope of me ever being able to do it in a match. I use the diagonal up, diagonal down, diagonal up, 3 kicks x 2 input; is this the quickest way of doing it?

I can cancel HP into U2 but that’s not really much use to me because I’m not very good at hit confirming.