MP juggle questions

Two questions; What is the juggle count on the second hit of Oro’s cl. MP? It seems like 3 to me.

If I want to play it safe with MP and only use the full chicken juggle after parries or as punishes, what is the most effective “safe combo?” By this I mean, when you’re fishing for MPs, instead of canceling with chicken foot after the first hit every time, then eating a DP, there should be a combo something like cl. mp (2 hit), walk forward, cl. mp (1 hit) then something. Dirty seems to be a fan of sjc-ing the second MP, then doing either toward jump roundhouse, or neutral roundhouse closer to the corner.

TLDR: What’s the best follow up to a 2 hit MP if you don’t have tengu ready?

hard kick or uppercut. or you can do what you said dirty does. you can also go for a reset with a late close light punch right before they hit the ground and dash under them on the reset. if you do the reset a little earlier and dash you’ll end up in front of them.

Thanks. Completely answered my question!