Would you consider c.MP c.MP to be a frame trap?


Kinda but it can’t really be used as aggresively like Ryu’s If you’re sitting on charge and they block a then yea try another xx Sonic Boom and you might catch them pressing something. If you want a more in your face one you can try c.lp -> If lands counter-hit, follow with, or st.hp.


Nah, I wouldn’t consider it a frame trap. Maybe if you space it to where the initial hits on the last frame, I believe it turns into a legit frametrap. 3 frame?

For the c.lp > frame trap, I plink right after CH and cancel directly into a sonic boom > backhand.

^Doesn’t work too well for smaller characters but for the big guys, it’s golden.


whats cl?


cl is shorthand for “close.” Like s.hp vs. cl.s.hp are two different moves.

Ahgama said it best. Two’s can be pretty good, but not as good as, say, Ryu. It doesn’t quite have the advantage on hit or block, but it can be very useful depending on the matchup. For example, it is a really good tool against Dhalsim. Do a meaty, walk a step,, walk a step, etc. Doing a similair frame trap with s.hp in this situation could lead to him doing something like lk slide xx ex flame to bop you where has that nice low, active hitbox that tags stuff like that really well.

Play around with it! I think, yah while not as good as a lot of characters, is still kind of a unique, underrated normal for guile. It has some of the most active frames of any of guile’s moves with quick startup and a great hitbox / hurtbox. If you score a counterhit with it, you end up at +5. This means, if you are close enough you can combo (I’m pretty sure, with no previous charge) CH > c.lp > xx flashkick… which is a pretty swag combo. Or, you can just keep it simple, and do another, a s.hp, or use the extra advantage to walk forward a bit for a throw or another frame trap.


I think you can get a charge off of a CH > xx sonic boom.


I don’t think so with no starting charge. If you have a little charge before hand it wouldn’t be a problem though. I know that CH > c.lp > xx boom works with no previous charge though, but you have to be close.


You’re right. Kind of pointless to have a charge right after the second The gap ends up being too big for the sonic boom or flashkick to reach.


sorry newb here whats CH stand for?


Counter hit, I believe.


god i feel stupid.


Haha, don’t. I only saw it a few hours before I clicked this post.


I prefer into c.lp link into It is not a block string or frame trap, but the c.lp has a much better chance to stuff the startup of a move than another, if you are good at linking lp into mp then it is overall much better, though still not very good.


Meh I still say c.hp into FK is a FT Since 99% of the time I hit some one with it


Keep rocking it until it doesn’t work anymore I guess.


Well maybe its a bit of a bait and a FT now that I think about it.


Still a terrible idea tbh


Won’t work offline. Get punished hard for it.


for the op - when you are building frame traps you need to use a move that gives you at least +1 frame advantage on block to beat fast normals (i.e. cr lks which is what most people tech with). cr mp is -1 so it doesnt work unless they press something really slow (has to be 6 fr to get beat).

going from cr lp to cl. st. FP effectively makes that move start up in 4 frames which is the same speed as many cr LKs so it would likely trade in those situations. however ppl like honda have 5fr cr LKs and would just straight up get beaten.

going cr LP to cr MP though would beat 4fr cr techs though beacuse its just 4 frame startup

just curious, would it be possible to do cr LP, st LK? or does it take 1 fr to stand up? that would in theory blow up 3fr cr techs.


It sounds like you’re assuming the opponent is basically doing reversal crouch tech normals… but in reality crouch techs are fairly delayed to avoid getting hit. 2lp -> 5lk is so fast you would never catch anyone crouch teching (not to mention it’s actually a chain), you lose charge, and there’s almost no payoff even if you do hit it.