You can actually hold a charge while doing cr.lp > because of the fact that both normals chain into each other.


yeah i was discussing this with my friend last night actually, would only be if they are pure mashing and yeah couldnt be chained or else it stays tight. this button sequence could be effective, you would just have to delay your button press on the LK. so you’d do something like 2lp, 5lk, 5lp, 4HP

only thing is i dont think st LP would hit a croucher would it?.. so again kind of useless lol

lately i have been starting most of my strings with cr LK. i feel like upside down kick is too slow to startup in the middle or a string, i always get beat. even sobat would be better @ 11 frames compared to 16 to blow up a lot of lows… you just dont get anything off it.

my go-to combo right now is cr LK, cr LP, cr MP xx Boom. i just realized that this is not a tight block string lol. i guess cr LP to MP is a good bet to beat crouching normals. I could mixup by going LK to MP as well if they are fishing for a tech on the 2nd hit, but also cr LP to cl st HP would be a really good bet for strong follow up and damage like you guys were saying.


Yah, starting with c.lp or and going straight into s.hp is pretty strong. Just keep in mind, like Ahgama said, reversal techs and frame traps don’t happen in a vacuum. Everything is based on player timing, adaptability, if they had a good poop that morning, etc. Adaptability is probably the biggest factor towards getting good at frame traps though.

You start with whatever tick, and then you progress from:

throw > quick frame trap (c.p > s.hp) > slow frame trap (c.lp > OR s.lp > wait > s.hp) > super slow frame trap (c.lp > UDK)

It’s all about how the opponent adapts. If they never tech your throw, don’t stop throwing. If they ALWAYS crouch tech with, there’s no reason not to UDK over it. If they are unpredictable, you can always do a gootecks shimmy (c.lp > walk back > s.hp) and bop them with a far s.hp.


great that was exactly what i was looking for thank you!

I am starting to think up some traps. do you guys ever do a tight string like cr LP, cr LP, boom xx FADC fwd - and then start a new string? or would you consider that a waste of meter? like i think if you really needed to crack someone open because you’re behind or times running out it would be worthwhile but maybe you have better ideas for getting back in? sometimes ill rocket, sobat, fadc or just dash forwards on a boom at the end of that string anyway for no meter, but i guess the FADC would keep it tight.


If they’re using OS Tech with or crmp, I’ll use > Walk Back > CH Far St.HK. I just personally love that move plus it works awesome against characters like Abel, Dudley, Bison and Balrog. They’ll rush in or whatever get smacked with a far which you can then just link in far/crouching mp into sonic boom.


Here’s a match with me using the > Far St.hp in the 2nd round.


how about any mix ups?