Mp punch instead of lp at the end of geneijin

could you connect a MP lunge punch at the end of a geneijin combo instead of an lp? if not does the lp lunge have to be kara’d? and lastly, do you kara lp lunge with standing LK or crouching LK (ex: down,df,front-lk-lp or down,df+lk,front-lp) or am i completely wrong about the kara?


you kara it with

sometimes mp lunge punch can hit vs chun/makoto/q and probably others, but it takes longer to stat up than the lp version, plus theres alraeday so much damage reduction, so if i had to choose between the ‘more damage mp’ or the ‘sure hit lp’ i know id go for the lp version.

thx alot

oh also, if you kara kobukishi during geneijin is it with standing LK or crouching LK?