mp setups

i can never seem to land the mp to start te chicken combo, whate are some setups for mp?

I like your avatar.

You can try air chicken on wakeup, or just parry.

low short on wakeup then walk up strong. BTW this is Tinshi posting.

I do that sometimes but it never seems to work more than once for me.

Maybe I’m just being too obvious.

Okay, against a smart player, it will be harder to land A smart player against an Oro knows that leads to ridiculous damage, so they’ll try to avoid it in any way possible. My best way to get it is to just mix them up and frustrate them to the point of taking a risk like parrying low on wakeup (perhaps after a or xx command grab, or some, tick(kara)throws). Try to learn the timing for the super late air chicken starter… get predictable with your jump-in timings and when they start getting parry happy toss that out and it’s a free combo. It’s all about annoying them and overwhelming them with Oro, IMO. :lol:

This is why you tick throw to train them to throw then start doing the strong setups to get them in the air. BTw its Tinshi posting.

what about UOH to ive seen a few oro players do this it seems to work decently

Only combos if you do the UOH really meaty, some people can see it and parry on wakeup.

Tick throw.
Tick throw.
Tick throw.
Tick parry mp.
Tick throw.
Tick throw.
Tick throw.
Tick avoid opponents tech attempt walk in mp.

Your best bet is to condition them with low mk > command throw, or standing throws. I get a lot of just straight up mp’s, no setup involved on wakeup just because I really abuse the command throw and regular throws.

best setup is to mash mp on wakeup or whenever they are close to you…BEST SETUP

Its called dash/walk under. Best setup I know.

is SGGK useful with Oro? It seems to be pretty good way to get some nearly guarantied MPs.

Good question.

By my understanding of SGGK, the input would be as follows?

1)tap down (parry attempt)
2)kara throw using mp

So the two scenarios would be as follows:

a)parry successful…

If the parry is successful, the glitch in the game takes place. This is where if you parry then try a karathrow, you WONT karathrow, instead, your normal move is all that will come out. Weird huh?..

b) parry attempt is a whiff…

Youve pressed down and nothing has happened, therefore the throw attempt is what comes out… Therefore you get a throw.

This is indeed, very useful.

I don’t think it comboes… if it does well then that’s pretty wicked… but from my experience the opponent tries to parry low or something so that is why the MP hits them.

UOH - > mk x command grab works.

UOH - > mp into whatever also works.