Mp shoryu > FADC shaku question



so wen i do an mp shoryu FADC to hp red fb, it only seems to hit the opponent with 2 of the 3 fbs. and when i use an hp shoryu, only 1 of the 3 fbs hit. Am i just timing it wrong or is there no way that all 3 can hit after the mp or hp shoryu? maybe i should just stick to the lp shoryu just like everyone else.

also, can a c. lp be linked into a c. hp? i know that a c. lp can be linked into a st. hp. sorry for the unrelated question. dont answer if u feel offended. lol


sLP links to crHP and crLP links to cl.HP. no crLP cannot link to crHP

Your FADC shaka question it’s all about how many hits you can juggle after an opponents in juggle state. That’s why MP->FADC->shaka is the most dmging outside of combos because all three hit in the shaka. After LK tatsu LP dP is the best because all 3 of the shaka hits but with MP dP after LK tasu only 2 will and it does 11 less dmg.

edit sLP links to cl.HP as well


o ok thats wats going on. yea i forgot to mention the dps come after the lk tatsu. ive been wasting meter this whole time doing hp dps fadc. thanks for the response.


you also lose a lot more stun damage.

just remember, mp shoryuken if it’s not coming out of a lk tatsu and you’re in range for both hits. lp shoryuken if doing after a lk tatsu.