MP3 Editting Program

Concern: I need some help finding a program that can cut MP3’s or any other music formats and then save the ‘cut’ version as an MP3 etc.

Question: Why?

Answer: I want to cut certain songs and save them to my computer so I can then send them to my phone and use it as a ringtone.

Criticism: That’s a stupid idea.

Reprisal: No it’s not!

So yeah…any help? :sweat:

I use sony sound forge to make my mp3 ringtones. Try it out.

Sony Sound Forge? Alright, I’ll give that a try. Thank you very much Sileighty. Greatly appreciated. :tup:

I use wavepad. Works pretty well…

mp3DirectCut will do what you want. Really handy little program.


I use goldwave. I think its good and has support for lots of filters and special effects. And you can use it with mp3s if you have the LAME mpc codec.

thats what i was gonna say :tup:

Maybe there are things mentioned there but not there, maybe not. I went with Direct Cut after being thoroughly confused by Audacity.

How do you guys even put ringtones on a phone? :sweat: