MPC2000XL [Sold]

I know this is a bit of a long shot, but given there are a few producers around the forums I figured I would post this up here as well. The ebay auction can be found here:

This is an AKAI MPC2000XL Studio plus. The RAM is already maxed out. It has the 8+2 outs. Included is an external 250MB ZIP drive and a CDROM drive. I’m also throwing in a 250mb zip disk, a 100mb zip disk, and a pair of MIDI cables.

I now have a bid on ebay, so I can no longer take it off ebay for a buy out. All bids must be through ebay from here on out.

doood, you could lay down some phat beatZ with that thing.

Phat beatz indeed!

More stuff coming soon. I’m moving to China, it all must go!

AWWWWWW to bad i aint got no money

The auction ends in five hours if any SRKers were considering it.

Are you really moving to China? o_O What for?

I was about to ask the same question. maybe he is moving to china to learn Kung Fu or something.