MPG To gif?

Sup i have a mpg and wmv i wanna rip a part of it to gif can it be dope? if so what do i need?

I have premier/photoshop/vegas 4.0 thx guys

the way that i do it…

use power dvd, and take a snap shot of each frame you want, then integrate it all in adobe imageready

Another way to do it is open the MPEG file inside Image Ready.
From there you can work with it. Takes a quite a bit of ram, and start up time(depending on how big the video file is). But you can get the frames the best way with that, instead of PowerDVD snapshotting. If the MPEG/AVI or whatever, doesnt open in Image Ready, then PowerDVD is fine.

if u dun have power DVD ya can also take snapshots with zoomplayer =)