Mr. Bison, The untouched power

Not to many people seem to care to much about Bison, don’t see why, with the proper assist and tactics he can be quite a hand full to dill with. I guess he lost his cape to Mag. and my gurl Storm. Anyway I will take a shot in the dark and see if I can get somthin started with this.

Know any good tactics for Mr. Bison???

a) Mr. Bison seems to have a few major issues that keep him from being a top tier character. One being his size and speed. Some of his moves can also leave him open. I believe you can easily overcome this by thinking of him as a doom who likes to stay grounded. His crouching hard kick, his drop punches/kicks and his spheres do a great job of zoneing and playing halfway decent rushing/keepaway game (some of the most dangerous in Mvc2 play this type of game). This helps confuse the opponet and keep them on the toes and can make up for his combo conveinent size and some what slothy speed. His spheres also make a great assist considering how they cover the screen with that trapping purple stuff and you can abuse the hell out of it by constantly calling him out, protected ofcourse.

Any great teams for Mr. Bison???

b) A team that I think goes well with Bison must contain a good anti air and a quicker character to make for his lack of. The team I like to play him with is Psylock and T. Bonn. Psylock helps greatly with her famous anti air assist, and also benefits greatly with bison spere assist. She play a very decent cross up confusion game with it to raise hell for the oposers. T. Bonn is here for ridculously damaging assist, which kills assist and helps cover Bison and Psylock so they can rush down with minimal reprecusions. I have some nice B&B combos as well as some flashy stuff that I will post as soon as I can see I am not wasting my time trying to revive Mr. Bison. :confused: I am not a pro with Bison and will like to know more myself. So I will greatly apreciate any other input (a shot in the dark I know).

If any one knows of any infinits for Bison or any other good stuff fill free to spread the knowledge. :slight_smile:

Lata :slight_smile: