Mr. Flint's invitational

Mr. Flynt’s invitational

~Born to Play~

Capcom vs. SNK 2

1st. Mr. Sanchez -Empire-
2nd. VDO
3rd. KCXJ
4th. Quazy
5ht. Caliagent 3

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

1st. Mr. Larry Flynt: The Xecutioner -$yndicate/Empire-
2nd. Smooth “starting my own set” Viper Erik. Dead Cell?
3rd. Josh Wigfall
4th. Javier - You still suck erik.
5th. Steve Power shot Megaman

One of the few times that I actually stayed and watched the tournament; I would have to say, very interesting and, somewhat entertaining.


  • Erik represents a new group and claps everyone. Javier and ex decep members too.
  • MegaMan gets with it and shows Cable that he isn’t the only one with guns.
  • 4-3 one set Grand Finals, Mr. Flint vs. Smooth Viper. One more could have reset, and from there who knows.
  • Santhrax was actually happy to just spectate, as he seemingly did not have any interest to join the tournament.
  • China town needs a variety of pussy, tired of seeing the same old same old. Matrix, how are you going to resolve this issue?

Dude it’s Flynt not Flint. If I hadn’t choked, erik wouldn’t have gotten 2nd.

anyhows it was always a pleasure, and im not saying anything about the last highlight.

This guy’s a choke artist

congrats VDO, good shit:tup:


thats whus hood representing Dead Cell to the fullest.

Good shit to the flynt that sent is crack but eriks cable claps that shit,lol

shout outs to VDO for comin down all the way from detroit to
chill in NYC,THAT rogue,steroids,ken team is out of control,lol

GOOD shit to the Top Five.

p.s. Steve please tell me that was random when u did that flying screen wit megaman and he didnt show up in the screen for like 3 seconds,lol

…I have no clue what happened with that, randomly breaking Marvel even more…too much

I got fifth not scoot :razzy: . Nice playing everyone, i played mad scrubby the whole day, i don’t know why. GG’s to everyone, see you next tourney

Good job to everyone.
That VDO guy is a beast. :tup:

Mr. Sanchez won CVS2 ? OMG SANCHEZ !!! :tup:

Well i like to say good shit to X damn that Sent is a best OMG. Javier step your counter game up and lincoln u just suck thats it. DEADCELL THE BEST DAMN TEAM SINCE BATMAN AND ROBIN TO FUCKING GOOD 1.

where was org ? =/

Good shit to top places, erik stop beastin!!!

Good job X, Erik, and Wigfall!

now u got a new way to bait out assist

Now let’s not get into that story again.


good shit to all players

ErIk 2nd? :confused: :tup:

~Born to Play~

Org seems to have banned himself, and for some reaons is blaming me. Telling Wigfall some other crap. Its safe to come out Org. No one is going to do anything to you. Its just a videogame, you or it is not that serious.

haha, does he owe people money? thats usually the case… :tdown:

something else but it doesn’t need to be explained here.


word erik i just suck aight good shit good shit i like it you beat me good shit when i get back me and javiar are going to turn u into hotcakes.