Mr Jared's Pre-EVO Daytime Grind Sessions

Hey all,

From now until EVO, I got a lot of daytime to burn up and I figure I should probably spend it practicing SSF4 with my BROS. I’m going to start hosting daytime sessions at my place in Foster City from 12PM-6PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays. And yes, there could be a stream. Hooray!

I have enough for two setups if someone is willing to bring a PS3 copy of SSF4. Also, I have the Egret II so there’s 3rd Strike, Super Turbo, Jackie Chan, whatever you guys want.

If you’re interested, either post here or shoot me a PM. I want to run this like KSL, so either we already know each other or you have someone that can vouch for you that you’re not going to break in and stab my dog. That would make me sad. I like my dog.

First session would be this Thursday, 12PM-6PM. BRING STICKS!

(Yeah, I have a cat and a dog so if you’re allergy prone, come prepared!)

Is it cool if I roll through (:

Of course! Your friend Shoop already confirmed so right now the list for Thursday is looking like…


I’ll send you a PM with the address and whatnot. Maybe we can sneak in some Breakers Revenge ;o

Sign me up, Mr. Jared sir :smiley:

I’m in as well.

Oh god, Breakers, it’s been too long

I can make this thurs

Scunsion? In my home? The tables have turned! :slight_smile:

full week of super till evo! count in ur ol’ KSL buddy in with 2 setups or just 1 if needed

PS: Yes, this is happening tomorrow, PMs have been sent out. Hooray!

For everyone coming, we’ll be fine with sticks for the 360 set up (bring yours anyways) but if you have a PS3 stick please bring it so we’re good on the PS3 set up

This. We also need a PS3 copy and an extra Xbox 360 copy of Super.

I will not be able to make this because of work. Link to stream please. I want to see this.

Hey all, it’s going down again, this Tuesday from 12PM-6PM. So far I know I’ve got…


So let me know :slight_smile:

Ha I don’t even got to say nothing

ill take a spot if its open

i might drop by, might not have a ride.

Moses, Grimmz, you guys are good :slight_smile:

Could I get a spot again this week? I’m gonna have to leave early again for work though

I can’t make it tomorrow, but I’ll be there this Thursday again :smiley: