Mr. Ko a question about issue 4


I read that there is going to be a christmas card cover. How is this going to be available to the fans?

thanks in advance.


I would like to know what “ba christmas cover” is?


it was meant to read “be a”. I’m not one much for typing or proof reading this stuff.


The X-Mas Card cover, along with the limited edition X-Mas busts, will be available through participating retailers. So far, there are 3 outlets:

Midtown Comics -

Rupps Comics -

and in Canada Heroes World -

Click here for the pix


If you’re looking for the cover to the X-mas edition (like i was a few mins ago), you can find it on the new and improved in the gallery section or under the previews for issue 4.

While the subject is merchandising, have you guys thought about making those little lego figures for Street Fighter characters? Those things are everywhere these days. I wanna have mini-Guile vs mini-Ryu on my desk. Plus they would be dope to make a movie out of if someone were to get stranded in the middle of nowhere for a family vacation. You know, like all coreographed and everything. Or maybe the slightly less technologically karayzee variation - a comic strip with photos or something.


You mean those “Kubrick” type figures, right? Hee hee… I am a BIG fan of Kubricks… hee hee…