Mr. Robot


This is one of my favorite new shows this year…the first episode was greatness.

Weird that a lot of the characters in the show remind me of people I knew in community college.


Pilot was great

Hopefully they can keep it up. I gave up on USA but damn they got a winner right here.


Pilot was awesome… Really thoughtful series. The guy playing Elliot(the main character) is acting his ass off in every scene. Dude is going to be really big in a year or two if he plays his cards right.

Drug-dealer chick has a nice ass.


Pilot was awesome, watch them cancel it mid season 1…


“im ok with it being awkward between us”

had me dying.


The show had a nice pilot, Elliot is an intriguing character (reminds me of every emo junkie recluse I’ve met put together) but the plot is very shakey and precarious in design. One jump-the-shark moment or plot twist is all it takes for a series like this to go from brilliant to wtf?

It’s like a daredevil doing a crazy stunt; he either looks badass doing it or becomes a laughingstock in a blooper reel.


butt doubles is the oldest trick in the book. Butt you can go ahead and tell me if her braided mohawk was the same or different before she got into bed both times, I didn’t go back to check even though I saw the pilot like 3 times this week.

Episode 2 then

Which wasn’t in the on demand showcase, front page of comcast Mr.Robot listing /subtitled espanol and bonus clips only, they mess that up like they do on Walking Dead/other shows
but going to USA > Mr.Robot had episode 2 up from last night


as essential as Elliot is to the plan, being that much better than the other guys hacking, or just in the right position and right company with the most access they need

dude still gave him “the Geese Howard” push / fall off?

The talk in the ferris wheel over money. Surprising Elliot didn’t call him out on that’s line for line from the Matrix.

Shit looks like a 2bit operation in the arcade, like 3 guys skeleton team, dont mention VPN, did mention an elite hacker group that’s about anarchy - they even hack for N.Korea/Iran

They absolutely don’t do a good job not being followed back to the coney island arcade. But that might be part of the ongoing -is he imagining this, daydream part he did in the first Therapist session, they got Cosby, that they didn’t go back to yet?

I knew I recognized the therapist lady since I watched JCVanDamme TimeCop recently. IMDB says she was 30 back then!


Yeah…Gloria Reuben looks like she stopped aging.


Show is solid that pilot ep had me hooked. Im feeling the story as well sorta giving me that watch dogs vibe but i find Elliot super funny. Best parts of the show is his internal dialogue that shit will make you legit laugh out loud.


Just did the math…chick looks fantastic for 51.


Heard about this show, was pretty excited. Glad to hear people have good things to say about it. Between this and Halt and Catch Fire, this will be a good summer for techie-dramas.


Pilot did so well, a 2nd season has already been ordered. I never even heard of that shit happening before.



I’m really liking this show. Especially the use of unreliable narrator between just being crazy and the drugs. You’re not too sure what’s real and what isn’t. Even when his boss shows him the fsociety video he hadn’t heard of, all you know is that fsociety exists in some capacity but you don’t know if they’re the people Elliot has been talking to.

The cliffhangers they leave you at in each episode is really good too, as they’re not did they didn’t they. They’re really ambiguous. For example, at the end of the pilot when he walks into the room of suits I was left thinking “Wow, really? They’re going to have him meet the people who run the world?” Then that wasn’t the case at all. Something different entirely. And even then, it could have been they knew he was the one to hack the servers and release the false information incriminating someone.

The show has more promise with the second episode too, because it looks like they may try to weave in a theme in each one. This latest one being about promises, which ones are worth breaking, and how we come to that conclusion.


Great pilot and the second ep was really good too, I like the cinematography and writing a lot so far.


…so that just happened.

Good news on season 2 :tup:


Yeah cinematography is definitely on point. Gives me a Breaking Bad vibe with the unique angles and framing they use.


didnt expect the demo tape guy, except the dummy didnt notice black duct tape/sharpie all over the CD

[details=Spoiler]and elliot didn’t find any cheating he was doing of his friends fiance?

That felt like it came from the hack CD he put in his PC since it was right after. spam click here boobies in your area!

Why the IM relay chat back in chinese. They’re going with a American citizen plant helping that elite hacker group?

gangsta guy exchange was a well acted scene too. too bad he’s locked up now, and out of the show for now.

I didn’t notice it the first time around. But the fsociety leader not only just had a tropey, looked up his history used his past to hold leverage against him, like he would when building his team to have an edge over them to follow his directions, but was now going to be a disappointed father figure replacement of his dad with that direct parallel to breaking his dad’s trust.

MOS DEF - BOOGEYMAN - also made sense as much as these other music cues with no lyrics fitting the scene at that location after it was introduced, his leader being movie magic ruthless, with an iron fist.

but what is open ended and doesn’t make sense directly: his dad worked for E(vil) corp too - how would working for a company as a software engineer give you cancer, they gave him leukemia. They made it seem like he was really blue collar, working in, say an oil refinery.

he shouldnt have hacked the head offering him the 1% job

Christian Slater’s character blowing off Tyrell as someone in the know - not listening to Elliot mentioning it, not in detail, so not even worrying about who that guy is, really overlooking him

That’s a good plot to follow, where those 2 rivals pulling him one way or the other. Lets see that get started.

imagine if he wasnt such a headcase and could be over the top neck deep hacking, gung ho on world changing

he could be slipping between both

sleeper agent while working for fsociety, having unprecedented access from the inside.

[list][*] Oh and the red light under his broken asbestos era heater

(had one of those in my junior high- shit sucked, like the asbestos ceilings in English one year) it was out of focus, but could be something since it was intentional with the cinematography framing things.

It looked like he one click googled buying a new one the first time thru, it was fast, but it was some direct from the company how to get thru their DNS - security pdf, lol who does that as a company, detailing how your IT security is setup, like advertising it, trade secrets.


Gay sex. :^)

Since whats going on is still questionable, there is still the possibility that the workings of Tyrell are imagined in Elliot’s mind. That Elliot believes that this is what someone who works for Evil Corp is capable of. Still, I like the idea of a man who is so opportunistic that he will use sex, even gay sex, to get what he wants. Shades of Liu’s Daken right there. I also like that they’re fleshing out the tertiary characters. They could have easily left Tyrell as is and it would have been fine.

Loving this show.


Psychopaths and sociopaths tend to be more fluid with their sexuality as a means to an end, moreso women due to our social schema.

This episode made it intentionally clear that Christian Slater is just a figment of his imagination (and somehow sauntered into a security firm seemingly unnoticed, and later critiquing his appletini to an unnmoved bartender). More specifically, he is an avatar for his late father, which is probably why they showed his mother in a flashback this ep and not his dad. Also, Mr.Robot’s mom has an olive complexion, giving a free pass for a more Caucasoid appearance for his dad.

His dad is the “big reveal”.


Agreed, ep 1 I thought he was imaginary but this episode convinced me.