Mr. Snk is GDLK Haters gonna Hate

shoutouts to SNK and Latif dominating SBO Quals

Except he didn’t do anything and got carried hard.

If it were me I wouldn’t give a shit. Free trip to Japan.

Like he said, it’s not his fault Latif won all his matches.

He did do something. He picked a damn good teammate.

Good shit SNK. Have fun in Japan. I’m not gonna get on you, like these idiots that have never left the house. I know you want to have a stronger showing in Japan, than you had yesterday. I trust you’ll be practicing hard until SBO, and you’ll represent. :tup:

Sometimes japanese players get carried in SBO’s main event too, all the way to 1st place. So fucking what? Congrats to both of them and good luck in japan!

All of you have it wrong: SNK’s goddamn beard carried both of them to finals.

Seriously, you can cut diamonds with it, it’s that hard.

godlike! all i know, is that sbo was snatched away from cali. thats a big deal. that never happens.

and they just went there to train heh

Better still, now you get a chance to train against the best of the best in Japan, a chance not many people get. Frankly win or lose, that chance to super level up is worth more to some than even getting into SBO. But then again this time, you can have your cake and eat it too. Congrats SNK!

team hate represent :sunglasses:

Yeah… that’s what I thought was the greatest part. Out-of-state players march into SoCal, and leave out with Cali’s trip to Japan. Coach Valle gonna have the team running suicides for an hour this Wednesday.

@ SNK, hope to see you @ EVO this year and for SBO all your gonna need is down back and the hhs ex hhs combo down by then so i’ll show you some tricks if you want :slight_smile:

P.S. A honda/viper team is beyond GDLK i’ve never lost a team tourney partnering with a viper they just flow so well together

Mr.SNK is godlike! Congrats, man! :tup:!/nycfurby/status/92653595815714817

Should have been Mike, congrats and evrything to SNK all the same, hope you do great at SBO

It seems that at the highest level success with honda come down to attitude, you can have all the fancy combos and the patience to just sit on downback you want but in the end if your not willing to impose your will and your offense on your opponent it’ll be no good to you.

Read up kids

Good shit to SNK and Latiff.

Just win baby! Is all I’m going to say.

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Who cares? If they aren’t supposed to bethere they will get the ol’ first round ko like all the other 1 person teams over the years.

good job SNK. way to go I know you are better than you played on stream and I’m sure you’ll clean your tech up when you get to Japan.

SNK’s Cigar was pimp.

I think people are secretly jelly about that more than anything.