Mr. Snk is GDLK Haters gonna Hate

Mr SNK!!! ^______^

Mr. SNK taught me how…to live.

Congratulations my bearded pal, good luck at dat SBO reppin’ the fat man.

this ain’t a free trip. is it? i thought they just qualified.
either way GO AZ.
PS ppl are not mad cuz SNK and Latif won. its cuz they beat all the yun’s, yang’s and fei’s.

Mr Snk representing the honda threads at srk.

i haven’t had the honor of fighting him (dunno if he does online) and as much as i am a lurker in here, the man deserves his props, if anything for always sharing in here and his great attitude.

Gl in Japan!

WTF. We should be all happy that one of the best hondas here is going to represent our army in japan. And Mike Ross is the greatest and he’s our hero but his team was there and they didn’t make it so stfo about that. Congrats Mr. SNK, do your best in SBO!

What? now he forfeited… hmmm… aw man!

:frowning: technicalities suck

I really hope this sudden complication is not actually a forfeit due to the negative dick bags online, and really is what it is…just an unfortunate turn of events

“Team ‘No SBO For You’ confirms that they will forfeit their spot for the runner up team due to passport/visa complications.”

They knew they were gonna get wrecked and they didn’t deserve to be there. Grats to the real winners.

“Real Winners”? I’m pretty sure Latiff/SNK won the whole thing. What is this bullshit-ass post doing here? What is SRK becoming?:shake:

Get this hating-ass attitude the fuck out of here. I love how people can speak big behind a monitor…

That’s why Ross/Champ are going? I thought the winners were going, that’s odd…

Grats to the real champs, GO USA!!!

omg…man just STFU

You’re an idiot. They’re not going to Japan due to Passport complications (probably since Latiff isn’t a US citizen and needs a visa to go to Japan).

you’re a retard

Why do people always bitch about having haters? If you have haters, then there may be a good reason why.

All I know is if I ever win it big at a tournament, I’m rockin a phat cigar too! And I’m lightin it up!

I’m still smoking a cigar. See you guys at EVO.

Yeah hope to see you there, love to get some honda mirrors going :stuck_out_tongue:

If there were complications what was the point in one of them entering the dang tournament? wtf

the whole outcome could’ve been different.
Know your shit before hand people

Im sure people would say the same thing about you and your level of honda