Mr.Wizard,S-kill & The Cannon Brother's. EVO2k10 and up Comming Years


“I don’t know how to start this thread but her we go.” “If I get banned fuck it but this has to be said”

EVO2k10 will be the first EVO with out 3rd Strike yes as we all know there was a vote and 3S got second (Yea I know Melty Blood got 76% of the vote but Melty Blood has no where near the following that 3s has) . But that’s not the point.

My point being you all are just throwing 3S to the way side and I understand why but then again I don’t understand why. I understand that most of the fan’s and the organizer’s say that it’s dead but it’s really not. Now what I don’t understand is why you all would not even have 3S at EVO it’s one of the main games that made the BBB/EVO Series (BBB=Battle By The Bay) the other being the Alpha Series.

To be honest it’s a shame that you all would just throw this game away after 10+years of Great Moments. My advice to you all and when I say you all this it to the Cannon Brother’s (Tom “inkbot” Cannon & Tony “ponder” Cannon),Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, & Seth “s-kill” Killian don’t for get where you came from and in this case don’t forget the game that made EVO so popular.

Now to my next Tid Bit and yes I’m about to look far into the future will you all bring 3S back. Maybe EVO2k11 and far in to the future. (Matter of fact I’ll just come out and say it make it a mandatory game that will always stay at EVO).

This will be the first BBB/EVO I will miss because the game I love and have supported for 10+Year’s is gone from the Best Tournament in the United States, it’s a sad year for the 3S community. I know you all love SF4 a lot but don’t forget the game that made you.

                                                  STREET FIGHTER III 3RD STRIKE


i too want to see nothing but chun mirror matches in top 8


i am Jon " The ProtomanSTI" and i say eat a salty dick


Yes, because 3s has been a staple in evo for as long as it’s been out, due the community embracing it at such an early age.

here’s a hint at understanding the tone of my post: alpha 3 is better


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And as much as I LOVE 3rd strike, perhaps the time has come for it to step down as an EVO game after all these years. Times change, new games come along, and the show must go on. But who’s to say there can’t be casuals or side tournaments for it? And I’m sure it will still live on, much like the SF2 series has lived on. While it may not be a staple EVO game this year, it’ll still live on.

Seriously, all good things come to an end at one point. Perhaps this is that time for 3rd strike.

Quality post from this guy.


Please don’t troll my thread TY in advance.

This thread was made for people who actually want to see 3S stay at EVO and have love for the game. Even if you don’t like the game at all understand the 3S lasted 10+year’s. Starting for the Last BBB to EVO2k9. Just keep that in mind before you you post. No matter how much you hate or love the game you have to respect what it has done for the community.


Things 3s has gave us:
Japan laughing at us multiple times
Japan owning us multiple times.
Boring top 8 finals for 8 years




And you point is if you read my post you will see that I’ve been in the Street Fighter scene for a very long time. My joined date on SRK has nothing to do with this thread I have 5 other names on here so what your point???




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What I don’t understand is if you all don’t like thet game why come to my thread and post it just makes you all look stupid I hate SF4 and SSF4 and I don’t post in those sections. So why are you all here,this thread is to show support so 3S can stay at EVO.

As I said before don’t troll my thread TY in advance.


So now you’re freely admitting to ban evasion?

I am a concerned citizen of SRK, trying to do what I can to take down multiple IP, multiple account-using antagonists such as yourself.


this dude does not represent our state


Jazz what did I do now did you read my thread and if you do and tournament in New Orleans like I know you do then you know I hate SF4 but I still support the New Orleans/Louisiana scene. And your right I don’t represent Louisiana I’m from Compton,California, California is the state I represent. I just happen to have a home in New Orleans


This thread is amazing. It’s like watching spiders… in tandem


if this threead its supposed to support 3s for evo, then make a better first post
all that whining wont help at all
this thread will get closed pretty soon…