Mr. Wizard was right, this game is all about Chun/Yun/Ken

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

  1. Kuroda (Oro), Boss (Yun), MOV (Chun-Li)
  2. Ike (Dudley), Pierrot (Remy), Genki (Alex)
  3. Nuki (Chun-Li), Tokura (Yang), Kokujin (Dudley)
  4. KO (Yang), Ochibi (Yun), Rikimaru (Chun-Li)

Oh wait, 4/6 top players weren’t “top tier”. That and Kuroda had to go through a Chun on almost every team when it’s known that is one of the worst match ups in fighting games period.



Kuroda could beat chun using missingno so using him as an example is kind of moot, that is like saying hercules beat an army with his bare hands so swords must suck

that being said that kind of variety is nice but in a 1 game format anyone can get caught, unless you are the aforementioned kuroda


I don’t think you fully understand how difficult Oro vs Chun is at their level of play.

that being said MOV carried.


this thread will attract many people.
the majority just want to badmouth 3S whenever given the opportunity. it’s easy when someone else says it first.


For the record, it was James Chen who specifically said your thread title quote, Songo.

Also who the fuck cares about the haters, this has been a very diverse SBO thanks to all of the participation in the Touzaisen and Danisen battles, not to mention the 3rd Maniax events. This is a time to celebrate, and congrats to Boss for his 2nd SBO win, Kuroda for his 3rd, and MOV for his possibly record-breaking 4th!


Also, a goddamn Alex was in Grand Finals.

America can finally rest happily.


Mr.Wizard and James Chen never knew what they were talking about concerning this game really. Mr.Wizard just never gave us time to step up over the Japanese in a game they had been dominant in for years before we even started taking it seriously. Nor the time for any region to show @ Evo that any character barring Sean and maybe Twelve has the potential to make top 8.

The mid tier in this game is very powerful.


And Genki should be considered the best 3s Alex player in JP.


Yeah I used to love watching Genki in the old Mikado vids. His spacing and pressure with Alex was top notch. Definitely a step above KSK (who was formidable in his own back in the days).

The fact that the highest tiered character in 2nd place is Dudley is hilarious.


He’s been considered best Alex for a while now. There’s a reason they add “God” to his name, and it isn’t because of sarcasm like with Youhei. lol


Dat 2nd place team… And I’m shocked at the lack of Mak and Ken… Though, anybody can play Ken.


A Remy got second place? That’s interesting.


That guy playing Remy isn’t really a surprise though


I’ve never heard of him, though I don’t really follow 3S much. I’ve never seen a Remy do too well.


I wish Deshiken would have qualified ;; Just watched the archives and good shit.

Just a question though, aside from Deshiken and Matsuken are there any other really strong Kens these days?


Pierrot is the only Remy player to have made it to Chishou rank, at the time the highest ranking in the Nationwide 3rd Strike Danisen rankings. He’s been considered the best for a while, but that really solidified his position as top class. It can also be said that he’s been an inspiration for a lot of new Remy players these days in Japan.

Nuki has a really good Ken. Notable mentions include Boss, Kuroda, Roku, Gesuyarou, Hirai, Keeper, Chinta, Kashi, Akita, Natchan, KO, and Spermstar-J…just for starters. There’s been a lot of great Ken players, but Deshiken particularly stands out.


Was Talbain there how did he fare, I feel bad that they always make him go out first for the 25 on 25s


It’s funny how most of the notable Kens don’t even play Ken. He’s just that character that helps solidify that you know how to play 3S.

I’m still hoping for Ibuki top 3 one day.


Why do people feel the need to deny the most obvious things?

Yes this game is dominated by Chun and Yun. Accept it. It’s a fact. It doesn’t diminish the game or make it less fun to watch/play.