MrWizard's feedback thread

If you have bought evo dvds, srk hoodies, or stick bags, use this thread for giving me feedback!


Maybe you should leave the thread open so people can post:blush: haha

anyways, i have bought dvds and the stick bag (wanted the hoodie but sold out to fast) and everything was good.

I liked the bag more than the DVD, and it shipped quick. DVD was made very well, but I didn’t like the footage that was chosen (2008 mvc2 is what I bought).

Anyways, I would like laptop or netbook cases with SRK like the stick bag. I use it for my laptop but its too big.

I bought the Evo dvd’s from 06-08 and I also bought some games off of you. Good transactions all around.

I liked the DVDs. I only watched 2007 (the first EVO DVD I’ve ever seen) and I was pleasantly surprised that Top 8 footage actually still takes up a lot of time / space on the DVD. The interviews were short but still good.

When I have time I’ll watch the 2008 one. I’ve also bought older ones via PMs but haven’t been able to watch them all yet either, just stuff that I thought might be interesting.

If someone was looking for LOTS of match footage for a particular tournament, then they likely won’t find it on these EVO DVDs, the EVO DVDs provide final round round-ups. It’s just a trade-off that was made and IMO, I think it was a good trade-off because it broadly covered the official EVO event.

Yea I bought a modded xbox from you awhile ago…Nah im jking, I bought a hoodie off the cow, Fits a little too small. :< Kinda wish I could buy a size higher :wink:

Bought a stick sack, it was awesome, works great for school books as well!

bought the evo dvds & sticksack totally satisfied with both

Bought 3 stick sacks. The review can be seen here.

Hopefully Wiz can be convinced to do a new and improved 2010 stick sack run again after the release of SSF4.

I got EVO dvds, sold him some pcb and even traded pcb for dvds. All transactions were quick and easy. Highly recommended!

bought tons evo dvds from MrWizard, now I just need to remember to leave the damn feedback >.>

also, some srk hoodies

Quite happy with my stick sack, it’s great

Got my game really fast, thanks a bunch wiz!

sold this dude a wico p360!

The stick sack is the business. Cradling the stick in your arm is so primative. Contemporize man.

BTW are there any plans for an Evo Monitor carrying bag/case? I would be all up on that shit. Using the box as a carrying case is so cumbersome.

I bought a stick sack and loved it. It got jacked along with my HRAP2 last weekend at NEC in Philly. Are there any plans to make more? I’d gladly buy another one.

I love my stick bag yay! :lovin:

Another stick bag owner! It’s awesome~

I have the sweater and bag, thanks wiz.

I bought premium for three years straight, and I think Mr. Wizard is a pretentious, pompous douchebag.

Bought the EVO 2008 DVD’s both of them; as well as a Stick Stick. Wicked fast shipping and in pristine condition. Thanks much Wiz!