MS jumping on the no second hand bandwagon


enjoy that lovely read. I had posted an article of sony doing the same thing, but i think that may be speculation.

these companies are doing their god honest best, to ruin gaming tournaments across just about every genre.


If this is true and it happens, combined with paying for Xbox Live for P2P online gaming, all Sony has to do at this point is advertise the fact their system plays used games, doesn’t need to be always online, combined with free multiplayer. They’d win automatically next-gen.

Not every console owner I know has a consistent always online connection, and some of them just ignore online completely. These same people buy used games sometimes because they don’t care if it’s new or not.


Put your pitchfork down, with all the negative publicity DRM has an always online console will just give the competition a weakness to exploit, and if both Sony and MS include universal DRM you can bet they will lose about as much as they keep away from the used game market.

Companies pull all sorts of grimy shit consumers don’t like, but when it comes down to fucking with potential profits you can bet they’ll learn from their mistakes and not screw the customers over to the breaking point of no repeat business. They screw the customers right before that point, and an online only console is well above that margin.


That is a rumor.


Yeah, I could’ve sworn this wasn’t confirmed to be real or anything.


I always knew that the Xbox was made of fail, now luckily more people will open their eyes and see the truth


The article title makes it sound as fact.


If this is true, people will still buy the system. IMO, multiplayer is too strong. I mean, look at how franchises that were always single player now have multiplayer tacked on (which pisses me off to no end, btw). Bottom line, this is Microsoft. As long as there’s Halo 3x3, Call of Duty Red Hat 6, or any other FPS around, little Jakes, Joses, and Javons will be all over it. It’s a done deal.


Me, I’m not hung up on the second hand market.

Always on internet though…that’s a deal breaker.

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WTF are they thinking??!!:eek:

PS4 just won next gen after this announcement

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LOL. M$, ya dun goofed.