MS Mounting Plate TE Installation questions

Hi, I’m putting a LS-56 in my older TE and have a few questions.

  1. Can I just use the molex (black wires) that is already in the stick, or do I need to use the colored wires it came with.

  2. I think I read I have to put the MS mounting plate upside down. Which way is that?

  3. Do I need to rotate the pcb or anything with this one? Or do I put it in the same way as the JLF?

Do I need to put a second dust washer between the plate and the stick like on the JLF?

Thank you.

It is not Molex.
But yes, you can still use.

Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate goes vertical, like stock Sanwa JLF-P-1.

Orient the PCB to point the Connector same direction as the JLF.

No second Dust Disc.

thanks a bunch, works great. I attached it to the other plate is that correct?

your suppose to take the other plate off

yeah I already took it off. It looked cool though.