MS Word is eating my text

I’m writing a paper and it seems now whenever I type new letter it erases over the old ones instead of adding in.

(tried googling but got nothing)

anyone know wtf i did? do i press a certain button to fix it?

Insert (to the left of Home, on top of Delete, under Prt Scrn, to the right of Backspace)


A) This is GD, not Tech Talk

B) Hit the Insert button on your keyboard to disable this.

C) Stay in school.

Press Insert once problem solved.

Edit: Wow 3 replies in like 10 seconds.


phew, saved my life:tup:

Oh shit the insert virus!

MS Word jackin yo letters son!



its called overwrite, it can be annoying at first if you dont know what it is

sounds like the pac man worm

:rofl: This thread followed by this response made my night. :rofl: