MSC:Mortal Monday Casuals! UMK3,SSFIV+ Monrovia, Ca


The TestYourMight Club over at MtSierra College brings you, Friday Casuals every week!

So I decided to host casuals starting the 12th of this month. I wasnt going to post here yet, but I might as well. The first meetup will be a test-run for the place. I want to know what people think of it.

We are going to have casuals in the auditorium. We have tables, chairs, and space. We even have a large screen and a projector for future tournaments. We can use it for finals and ranbats. We are also going to stream, thanks to my great pal LuluSmacks! lol :china: And there is a possibility of having a DJ present with some music.

I’m going to quote my original post from Test Your Might - The Front Page

With that said. I don’t want random people just showing up, this is still a school, so I will have a sign up list.

If you want to show up, please post in here, or on Test Your Might - The Front Page

Same rule applies to friends who you might show up with. Please have them sign up on SRK, or TYM and post before showing up. Otherwise, be sure you let me know.

If you have a PS3 or Monitor you might want to bring, send me a PM, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Depending on the amount of people that we have, we might need some more set-ups.

There will be a room cap for this. And again, the first day will be a test-run for fridays. After our first meeting, we might let more people sign up.

1.Krayzie Bone
2.Kobe Bryant
3.Lulu Smacks
6.Honor Phantom +1
7.Wonder Chef
9.Sal_Says +1
10.DJ Vest +1


Dude count me in


Yay! venue looks pero what time will it start?


First post updated.

3:00pm - 11:00pm :tup:

Sorry about the no alchohol rule, but its a school. :shake: lol


im down see you there


Ok just fyi I wouldn’t be able to get there till 7-7:30.


Cool man.

Don’t worry man, as long as you make it, its all good.

Also, we might need some extra TV’s. If anybody can bring something, I would really appreciate it.


me and hugo are always there…




dude could you put me +1, one of my buddies wants to come along with me


Yeah, sure.


yo bone my brother in law might come aswell is that cool?


Yeah man, no problem.


What’s good to eat around here?

EDIT: NEVERMIND! There is a popeye’s up the street!

Also, someone bring an HDMI xbox with some custom music for SSIV!!! Or umk (I don’t know if it works on that)

Also, what is the parking situation like?


Parking is sweet. There are spaces around the entire school.

And I just checked my 360, and it has an HDMI space. I’ll add some Rick Astley music on there for you. :slight_smile:

Oh, and there is a Sonics, Tacobell, Subway, Hamburger place and other places to eat down myrtle st.


Sweet! wont be able to make this week but when I get a Friday off, i’ll attend.


Gunz!!! Show up soon fo some drankz!!! Up the street somewhere…


i should bring my trance collection and start spinning…lulu i may ask to borrow your laptop for mixing…


Cool man. Hope to see you there the week after this one. Its been a while dude, we have to kick it again.

Ironically, there is a nice looking bar on myrtle st… lol