MSC underated? MSC vs. MSP

now i know cyclops is better on point but since psylocke’s assist is idiot-proof everyone uses that but what else can msp do that MSC can’t do other then combo into the rom from an assist hit after a 2-hit jump in attack?

easy double snap. if your mag gets hit and you happend to call cyc right before, thats a double snap and gg.

i like the way psy’s AAA covers. can play both offensive and defensive, whereas with MSC ur better off rushing. cyc’s AAA goes out too far and its easy to lock it down and rush, and if that happens, its enough time to get you snapped and raped.

msp = gets the most semi-random double snaps and has good setups to get them. psy’s aaa gives any magneto in a mag vs mag fight the upperhand in that the other magneto cannot…i repeat…cannot jump in on you if you have psylocke to call. you get easy mode guardbreaks with xxx+psy that you wont get with msc. your dash over call psy tactics can’t be replicated with with msc either.

msc = you cannot be out-right countered team wise. in the event your cyke gets snapped in, he has the option of pushblock air super to dhc out whereas psy’s air super has too much startup delay to make it effective. there really isn’t any fancy shit with this team for the MOST part. cyke may give you a good glitchy reset but this team is more about solid legit play. infiniting to 30 or 40 and hypergrasp tempest to hail n roll with storm/cyke. also, you can combo into infinite froma two hit overhead aattack with cyke, its just more difficult than normal. you have to dash then sj.lp, ad/d lk lk to bring them back down to regular/low height. and i guess you can’t foget you always have counter xx optic xx hail. the biggest thing this team lacks is the double snap function…but i personally dont feel like its THAT big of a slam.

thanks for that breakdown, i think i’ll go with msc for now cuz my playing style is doing the rom for 40 hits and then MT XX hailstorm and i dont really do resets and i only think about doing snapouts if an assist charater has alot of red health and i want to bring them in. Besides i can always do + cyck both characters and go into the rom and bring them down and double snap rite lol

My MSC > My MSP.

The team itself is underrated IMO, but I still say MSP offers alot more options as far as mixups and combos go. Basically, psylocke hits, one of your characters then proceeds to die. That’s how it goes.

forgot to mention; msp has very easy unmashable whereas msc has harder ones and sometimes area specific (like corner only blah blah blah). msc has different ones too because i remember mixup told me one but it was different than the corner one i was using so i dont have a clue if there is a ‘standard’ msc unmashable. that is just another way they are different.

cykes block stun as an AA over psylock is another plus to msc. Sometimes you have to risk a quick follow up to protect psy or set her up properly. Its not exactly the same with cyke and cyke’s last part of his AA, the projectile of off his AA, gives vertical zone all the way to the top of the screen. Cykes nice block stun can make for some bad scenarios when relayer strats come into play.

MSC can double snap. Hit both characters with Cyclops, follow up into a quick airdash combo towards the ground and snap. It’s not as easy and there’s probably a lot more timing involved in getting it right, but it can be done.

I always thought of MSC as Mags Storm Cable, which can be hard to beat as well…

if u mean sj ad d d+lk mk its not worth doing in a match

sj hk causes flying screen because theres 2 characters and more hits.

and to the guy who said MSC>MSP you just gave reasons on why MSP is better. tactically, MSP is better. if you both are mashing assists (which is wrong) then yeah cyke will be better. in higher level play psy has the advantage. on multiple characters won’t cause flying screen unless there have been multiple air-hits already.

MSP is better for tons of reasons, including :

-easy double snaps.

-cyclops AAA needs to hit you on the ground to be followed up on consistently, psylocke assist
just needs to hit, it can even trade, and it still gives magneto combo into death.

-The unmashable is way easy and can be done midscreen with psylocke too.

  • Jumping forward and mashing psylocke assist on an incoming character sounds stupid, but it works when people are mashing on short to avoid getting guard broken, and even if they block it, you have a mixup afterwards.

Cyke has advantages too, mainly that storm/cyke is an awesome combination and cyclops AAA is really really hard to avoid, but it really doesn’t compare to mag/psylocke. This is coming from a guy who exclusively used MSC at evo this year.

Dont the Cyke AAA hits in the air count as build-up towards the flying screen though?
I mean, if you catch with cyke, you dont always have the option of sj. HK after cyke hits only once, depending on range. if he hits 2x, thats already 2 hits in the air, one for the assist and one for the point char, no? So wouldnt it be extremly circumstancial compared to the psy AAA?

No, assist hits don’t count. Thanks for pointing that out.

You also see it when Sent’s drone assist catches the opponent in the air. e.g. they land on all three drones and Storm launches - she can do adf …

flip ninja pointed out some good points, i didnt think much about how psylock just needs to make one hit and u get the same result, but it with cyclops u need to make the first hit or happen to be in the air already.

but i think ppl who play msc value cyclops on point. cyclops has just as many arguments in favor of him as psylocke as an assist. when he gets snapped in and is on point, he can build mad meter and if he gets snapped in then more than likely storm will be he 2nd character and u can do like 100 points of damage if u combo SOB into Hailstorm and get out. also u can make JWLK comebacks lol.

edit: after playing msc and mss, my msp has gotten way better, i can actually rape ppl now. i was wondering does msc have an equivlent to the mag/psy unmashable tempest.

c.hp,, ad/df,, land ( psy),, j.magnetic tempest

Not really, except in the corner, which is from the infinite into j lk+call cyclops. J hk airdash straight up and tempest. You need them kinda low ,and it’s somewhat unreliable considering how much damage you’re risking losing by just resetting, but I guess it’s something.

I think that you get an unmashable with storm projectile anyways with infinite into standing roundhouse+Storm, gravXX tempest.