MSF Grade with Akuma?

has anyone ever got XS or MSF with akuma? i personally never seen it. if anyone got any pics of this with akuma, plz post up.

WTF r u talking about?

u play 3S u don’t kno wot XS and MSF grade is? its like highest grade you can get…F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, XS, MSF.

I ve seen a few never seen MSF akuma though, so just wonderin if anyone mastered it :wonder:

the highest grade i’ve ever seen was an SS, but that was in a matchup. i have NEVER seen an XS or MSF vid, any links? :slight_smile:

ya i figured that theirs few people lately that don’t know about top grades. if i can find the link agen i ll post it up later with MSF dudley.

heres the link -


I’ve recieved an MSF with akuma about 3 times. I know for a fact there there were 2 different kinds of MSF’s. I have no clue why that is really… the last MSF that i saw using akuma was a shiny gold border with the usual red/yellow words. I’ll try to get a pic post. Im sure i can get the other grades and variants of them…MSF is pretty extreme and hard to get. but 100% possible. keep trying

This is Kal El’s grade at an arcade he postedthis up a while back 5 MSF’s!!!

Getting msf against the computer is fairly easy from what I’ve seen (haven’t ever played the computer myself). Parry loads - even unnecessary hits, like - then get ready to parry the next or whatever the computer throws out. Always complement your parries with BIG combos (preferebly with a super thrown in). Once you get the rhythm of when you can punish the computer after parries, figure out how you can stun the computer. Then just mess about with those crazy juggles which you can only do when you’ve stunned the computer and they’re still falling down e.g. dash with lp, repeat 3 times, then dash dragon or something. Make sure you get a taunt in during the rounds. After that, I’d be very surprised if you didn’t get your MSF.

PS - whats the point?

For an MSF you need to Parry, combo, Stun, Super finnish and double perfect the computer each time.

I suspect the final grade is based on your point total; More than x and less that y gets you an SS++, more than y gets you an XS, for example.

Parrying nets you points, so do combos, while getting perfects and finishing quickly give massive bonusses. To push the point total high enough, maybe stun is required (for very long combos?), but I doubt it’s a requirement in itself. I don’t see any bonusses appear when I stun people anyway.

I wonder if it would be easier to get an MSF by setting the game to a high number of rounds?

Anyway, what does MSF stand for?

Master Street Fighter afaik

No they don’t. With Gouki I’ve gotten a double perfect before the clock reaches 85 in both rounds. My grade for that match was a B+.

getting a perfect or finishing early aren’t requirements, per se, but they do jack up your score.

main things as far as i know are:

  1. parry
  2. don’t whiff too many moves
  3. stun opponent
  4. super finish

sometimes, even with a double perfect you won’t get a super high grade due to the fact that you didn’t parry once or you probably whiffed too many moves charging your meter.


I didn’t waste time charging meter. If I had I wouldn’t have been able to build a significant amount and finish in 10-15 seconds.

Time isn’t as important. I agree with you about parries. You can use only Hugo’s neutral throw against the computer, stun it 2+ times, end the match when the clock reads 35 and get an S.

Don’t worry daz ill show you how to get a MSF with akuma when you come up again!

that’s good that you didn’t then :tup:. charging meter kinda makes the CPU think you’re trying to hit them but you happen to have really bad aim.


but it helps jack up your final score!


I done it once and it was againt the CPU Sean! I had to parry everything and score a perfect everytime, plus it help to get a good combo+super juggle in…but that was a SS

lol true say man, no problem for you. i got real arcade pro stick now! (with custom white buttons) got get few magic box converters lol.